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Pinoy manufacturer takes flight with UPS in aerospace industry

CLARK FREEPORT – A local manufacturer has made a mark in the Philippine aerospace industry by partnering with United Parcel Service (UPS) for its deliveries.
Chris Buono, managing director of UPS Philippines, said since partnering with UPS, the Barleta Precision Manufacturing, Inc. (BPMI) has sustained the quality and timeliness of its deliveries.
During the just concluded first Aeromart Summit here, Buono cited BPMI as a perfect example of how it is making a mark in the aerospace industry with UPS’ Express Saver which allows them to receive their raw materials from the US and export finished goods back within two to three business days.
Buono said BPMI also started using UPS’ WolrdShip by tracking shipments and uploading customs documentation. The local aerospace manufacturer also began using UPS’ Quantum View Notify which provided them with greater flexibility in automating tracking emails for customers.
UPS, an American multinational package delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions, said BPMI has evolved into a major manufacturer in the Philippine aerospace industry by delivering quality products around the world on time with the help of a full crew at UPS.
BPMI began its operations in a small workshop in 1969 focusing mainly on automotive engine rebuilding service and small batch metal fabrication projects.
Seeing an opportunity in the Philippine market to supply overseas clientele with high-value aerospace parts, BPMI invested in upgrades to their existing machinery and systems.
They also built relations with established USbased aerospace companies.
When the children of the owner, Ceferino Barleta, took over the family-run business, BPMI became one of the first companies in the Philippines to produce and export precision parts like retainers, fitting inlets, check valves, springs and pistons for the aerospace manufacturing industry.
Buono said with their export business thriving, BPMII partnered with UPS to help them anticipate potential customer issues, sustain their customer service quality, and retain their preferred supplier status with their biggest customer.
Buono said following BPMI’s success in partnering with US-based aerospace companies, it is now looking to recreate its partnership with similar aerospace companies in Europe and Asia.
Buono sees UPS as a key partner as they work towards their vision of being the preferred company providing high quality parts around the world.


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