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Pilar prohibits religious gatherings


Pilar Mayor Carlos Pizarro, Jr. Photo by Ernie Esconde

PILAR, Bataan
The municipal government here has temporarily prohibited religious gatherings in the town from August 1 – 15 following the infections with the coronavirus disease of some of its residents who attended a worship service in Balanga City.

Mayor Carlos Pizarro, Jr. issued the executive order dated August 1 banning all religious gathering of any kind for the purpose of Masses, worship, prayer or other similar purpose.

He said that some members of the religious group who were tested positive of Covid19 turned out to be residents of his municipality that posed great concern to other residents.

Four out of the more than 40 of those who either actually joined the worship service in a hotel in Balanga City or came in close contact with the affected individuals confirmed with Covid19 are reportedly from Pilar.

Pizarro said that although the province is under the modified general community quarantine where religious gatherings are already permitted, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases allows the enforcement of stricter measures by local executives depending on the prevailing situation.

An area with MGCQ status allows the holding of religious gatherings but with limited participants and subject to the implementation of safety protocols.

The mayor also ordered the setting up of four checkpoints to monitor travelling visitors and residents if equipped with the required travel passes.

The mayor warned violators of strict penalties.

The municipal government of Abucay, Bataan has imposed a partial lockdown from August 4 to 11 in Barangay Calaylayan where 11 villagers who attended the mentioned religious gathering were tested positive of Covid19.


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