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Peugeot’s Bonne Route et Appetit
Peugeot Philippines treats journos to ‘media drive’


PEUGEOT Philippines recently treated motoring journalists to a simple yet unique media drive, culminating the short trip from Metro Manila to San Fernando with a tour of Peugeot Pampanga at the LausGroup Complex and a gastronomic spread of Kapampangan cuisine in a popular restaurant in the city.

Peugeot Philippines Business Manager Dong Magsajo shared that the media drive enabled the mediamen from Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Philippine daily Inquirer, Business Mirror, AutoCar and SunStar Pampanga, among others, to step on the pedal of the Peugeot 3008 (petrol and diesel variants), experience the wheel and be part of a Peugeot global movement.

“We wanted our friends from media to know about product offerings so we brought along the two variants of 3008, the petrol and the diesel and then the 5008, the seven seater version of the SUV to be able to have the short drive from Manila to Pampanga,” he said.

Magsajo furthered that when one buys a Peugeot in North Luzon and Manila, the owner gets an RFID and extended warranty of another two years on top of the three years offered.

“We also want to embrace the Peugeot global movement of being earth friendly as Peugeot is one of the cleanest emitting cars Euro 5 and Euro 6. We also will plant several trees in behalf of an owner in a protected area in La Mesa. We’re delivering several messages in this short, simple drive. There’s convenience, environmental responsibility and great products in both cars. We’re proud to be partnered with the LausGroup, the best partner you can have in North Luzon,” Magsajo added.

Welcoming the journos, LausAutoGroup Executive Director Carisa Laus said that Peugeot Pampanga, which opened in September last year, is another milestone for the LausGroup and Peugeot Philippines, as it takes over the robust premium market in Central and Northern Luzon for that unique Peugeot experience of expertise and professionalism, top quality and excellent customer service.

“The Peugeot Pampanga showroom comes fully equipped with its own service center, proof of our commitment in bringing the French brand to the discriminating enthusiasts in the countryside. Garnering multiple global awards and countless recognitions, Peugeot redefines convention, setting the standard for outstanding design, performance, and versatility,” she said.

“Apart from an excellent product line up,” Laus stressed, “Peugeot aims to offer complete and convenient ownership. We want customers to experience pride and peace of mind when they own a Peugeot. And together with the LausGroup, we want your drive to be always exceptional and above the rest.”


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