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Peace, serenity, wellness at Orissa Holistic Garden Resort


ORISSA is place for holistic health, total health. It is located at the slope of Mount Arayat, Orchard Village, Brgy. Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga.

Orissa is a sanctuary for the tired mind, body and spirit. Perfect to those who seek relaxation, peace, quiet, health and alternative medicine.

Guests can join our morning Meditation & Yoga to start their day – clear & bright, as well as our selections of touch therapies, like body manipulation with essential oils therapies & Signature Calm therapy.

Our Yogi cafe serves Satvic holistic food, which comes from our garden. Orissa dishes are prepared with the guidance of our certified clinical nutritionist and herbalist. One of our pride in Orissa is our healthy and sumptuous food.

Orissa’s holistic alternative medicine offerings: Herbs for health, Holistic Nutrition, Detoxification/cleansing programs (colon, gallstones, liver); Sound & Light therapy for physical health concerns, Cold Laser therapy for pains and energy booster, KIMUT therapy for body @ mind tensions release; Crystals chakra balance & alignment, Orissa Divine Healing, to name a few.

All health programs are customized. Our holistic health healer Ms. Riza Lim, will suggest the best holistic health program according to your condition, with coordination with our medical doctor partners.

Sleep like a baby in one of our gorgeous casitas and soak in our fresh mineral water pool from the mountain while the birds serenades you.

Holistic health means totally well in mind, body, emotion & spirit. We believe in Orissa that to achieve a total state of wellbeing, all aspect of your life should be well, and to attain it – come to Orissa and reclaim your health, peace, happiness and refresh.

The owner & holistic healer, Ms. Riza Lim, a holistic heath practitioner has a diploma from the Natural Health Institute of Naturopathy in San Diego, California, USA. She traveled around the world to study different health practice, like India, Tibet, Nepal, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and brought home (Philippines) the knowledge to share. She believes in preventive medicine practice.

Ms. Riza, is also a licensed Yoga and meditation teacher, studied in Yogadarshanam, Mysore, Karnataka, India, a a clinical nutritionist, a clinical master herbalist, clinical aroma therapist, studied in California. Her extensive studies and work lead her to promoting mindfulness programs, meditation, yoga, holistic lifestyle from youngsters to adults in schools and communities as her advocacy.

We should take care of the young generation now, for what we’re doing at the present predicts our future.


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