Home Showbiz After break up with John Lloyd Cruz is Ellen Adarna dating again?

After break up with John Lloyd Cruz is Ellen Adarna dating again?


NETIZENS ARE now speculating if Ellen Adarna is dating again after seeing her Insagram post with a man named Carlos Lemus.

The actress is now in Madrid, Spain for a vacation with friends.

The caption on her Instagram photos – “Central America in Madrid [laughing, heart emojis].”

The account of a certain @doncarlemuss.was tagged in the photos.

We found out that the account belongs to Carlos Lemus.

However, the account was private. On another photo uploaded by Ellen, their photo was taken at the back while Ellen’s left hand was wrapped around the waist of the guy.captioned.“¡!Siiiii!!!¡!¡”

The guy commented three emoji “in love” and three “hearts”.

Friends of Ellen also commented love emojis.

In June 2019, the break up of Ellen and live in partner John Lloyd Cruz were all over the papers and social media.

According to sources the relationship of the two is now called “co-parenting” for their one-year old son Elias Modesto.

Meanwhile, John Lloyd is busy with his showbiz comeback.


GMA-7’s Beautiful Justice aired its final episode on January 24, 2020.

The series tells the story of three women who joined forces to track down the syndicate responsible for making them lose everything that they love.

In the finale episode, which aired last January 24, it was revealed that Smokey (Will Devaughn) was the man who killed the loved ones of Alice (Yasmien Kurdi) and Kitkat (Bea Binene).

Miranda (Valeen Montenegro) admitted that she actually planned everything, “I may have had the idea and I ordered it but Smokey here did all the dirty work.”

After finding out the unfortunate truth, Kitkat exclaimed, “Mga walanghiya kayo! Walanghiya ka!”

A hidden sniper suddenly starts aiming at the bad men, saving Brie, Kitkat and Alice from the brink of death.

The three managed to push Miranda to her death during their final fight.

GMA-7 aired the 100th and finale episode of its action-drama series, Beautiful Justice, headlined by Yasmien Kurdi, Gabbi Garcia, and Bea Binene.

Alice, Brie, and Kitkat later on discovered that the hidden sniper was actually Vin (Gil Cuerva)—and that he’s still alive.

Agent Vin disclosed to Brie that he was supposed to fl y abroad and pretend to be dead.

But, his heart told him to stay and protect her.

The two confessed their feelings for each other.

Vin still had hesitations about pursuing a romantic relationship with Brie since he needs to honor his promise to his father and proceed with his plan to leave the country for good.

Brie then decided to follow her heart and move to the States with him and start a new life.

Four years later, Alice graduated from law school while Kitkat remains one of the best agents of PDEA.

Brie and Vin return from the United States to announce the good news: they are having a baby!

Yasmien’s real-life husband, Rey Soldevilla, also appeared in the final episode as Alice’s boyfriend.

How did the finale episode of Beautiful Justice fare in the ratings game?

The GMA-7 action-drama series registered a 15.9% TV rating according to Kantar Media.

Its rival program ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsyano scored a 30.7% TV rating.


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