Pampanga addresses local tourism problems in summit

    CLARK FREEPORT – Officials of the provincial government and stakeholders gathered recently in a summit to address local tourism problems and improve the condition of the tourism industry in the province.

    The tourism summit with the theme “Strengthening Tourism Synergy in Pampanga” held at Royce Hotel is part of the series of forums organized by the provincial government in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT).

    According to Provincial Tourism Officer Arwin Lingat, the event aims to synergize the efforts and resources of the province and other industry sectors that play a huge part in boosting the tourism industry in Pampanga.

    “Our aim is to synergize. Tourism is a private sector driven industry so we need to get the participation and commitment from our partner stakeholders like hotels, transport groups, tour operators, restaurants, for peace and security,” Lingat said.

    During the summit, Gov. Lilia Pined urged hotels, restaurants and other tourism destinations in the province to put up stalls where tourists can buy Kapampangan products.

    The governor assured local and foreign tourists that they will enjoy their stay as the peace and order situation in the province is stable.

    Meanwhile, the provincial government through the help of the stakeholders is formulating a new brand for the province to make it more attractive to tourists.

    Lord Francis Musni, a local historian, and consultant for Heritage Museum said Pampanga should be a tourism destination and not only a stopover for tourists.

    He also encouraged the local tourism officers to come up with a brand that will entice tourists to visit the province.

    The governor, for her part, vowed to provide the necessary funding for the brand that will effectively promote and uplift the tourism industry in Pampanga.


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