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IS YOUR cup half full or half empty?  Your answer to this question says a lot about you, your health, your mindset, and your state of happiness.

Optimism is an attitude that we acquire mostly from the environment we grew up in, the society and our personal experiences. Some are by nature positive, while some struggle. Optimism can be learned, practised and applied. It is an essential ingredient to be successful and a handy tool that we must have, significantly in this trying moment we are in, said Sergio Boero, president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.

Optimism does not mean being blind to the actual reality of a situation. It means maintaining a positive spirit to continue to seek for the right answer to any given problem. To recognize that each event has a promising possibility and can be approached in aupbeat manner.

The difference between the pessimist and the optimistis the pessimist goes on looking at the negative side of things, denying the presence of the positive side. On the other hand, the optimist sees only the light, with confidence.

Shift your outlook. Think more cleverly. For instance, you were caught in traffic, look at the situation as a chance to listen to your favorite music or catch up on phone calls.

Brighten your days by improving your sense of humor. Laugh at your mistakes and make a joke about it. Negativity is contagious but so is positivity. Surround yourself with happy people who lift you up and helpyou look at the brilliant side of life.

Focus on solutions when faced with a challenge. Train your brain to be creative to come up with different ideas to solve your conundrum. Keep your momentum moving forward especially when negativity tries to entice you.

Find the silver lining. There is always a lesson to belearned in unlikable conditions that could be useful later on in decision making. View your setbacks as temporary, pick up yourself and try again. The most successful people in the world went through a lot of falls and fire before they made it.

Expect the best. Anticipate the great rather than the worst. Remember that you are capable to materialize anything that you want in this world and that everything starts with you. Believe that you can change your habits of thoughts and trust, that this time you will arrive at your goal and you will.

This new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.

Love and shine.



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