Blogger quotes seers on huge Oct. 3 quake in US West Coast


    ANGELES CITY- You need not take this seriously, but for the amusement it would be worth, read it.

    Several persons – all independent of each other – have claimed receiving messages, in one form or another, telling them that West Coast USA would be devastated by a powerful quake.

    Now that’s old story that sparks reference to the San Andreas Fault. But what’s uncanny is that this time, the messages point to a date: October 3, 2013. US time, I suppose. “Two of these sources identified the earthquake will measure 9.7 on the Richter Scale.

    That would make it the largest earthquake in recorded history,” wrote blogger James Bailey who’s into “current events and how they relate to the truth of the scriptures.”

    Bailey quoted one Adam H. who went on Youtube whose transcript said: “This video is about what my mom has been telling me for the last day and a half. She has been having dreams and visions about a large earthquake off the west coast of the United States.”

    “She has had something like this happened to her once before. It was right before the Japan earthquake and tsunami. She basically predicted it. It was pretty intense. It was about two days before the event.

    This one though she says she has seen numbers and dates and times. It is early October in the daytime, sometime in the morning, on a Thursday. The warning we are hearing is a 9.7 earthquake on the West Coast,” so related the transcript.

    Bailey noted that “Adam was reluctant to give the exact date in the video. There he only identifi ed the date as a Thursday in early October.

    However, in the comments section on his YouTube page he identified the date is Thursday, October 3, 2013.

    Also, he said the earthquake will be off the West Coast, which means it would likely create a very big tsunami.”

    The second prophecy, Bailey said, was from one Pastor Joel as posted in Steve Quayle’s website. The pastor was quoted thus: “I received a call from a sister in the Lord (Kelly) who was frightened at a vision she had recently seen.

    She saw the upcoming date as October 3, with the Golden Gate Bridge breaking in half and going vertical, a huge tsunami covering San Francisco, an earthquake 9.7 in the city and water fl ooding the valley.

    Many souls perished. She felt compelled to warn people. Her fear came largely because she had seen a vision of the Boston Marathon Bombing the night before it happened.”

    As Bailey was citing these two prophecies to his wife, she reminded him of a call she had received two weeks before. “An intercessor friend (Margaret) from the East Bay area had warned Georgia not to go into San Francisco starting the last week in September through the first three weeks of October.

    Margaret had seen a tsunami and a devastating earthquake in the city, in a vision. Today Margaret told Georgia that many other intercessors have recently seen the same type of warnings,” Bailey recalled.

    Bailey also quoted one Cindy Page who had claimed to have received a message from God telling her to be “ready by the 275th day of this year, which is October 2 2013 for an earthquake hitting California.

    Since that will be her final chance to prepare the earthquake could hit by the next day, which is October 3 2013.”

    Bailey went to quote Bob Jones and Rick Joyner who, he noted, “have both seen an enormous earthquake hitting the West Coast.”

    “The Lord showed them these things many years ago, but He showed them it would not happen until after a major earthquake hits Japan. Since the Japanese earthquake hit in 2011, Rick Joyner has been advising people to leave the West Coast unless they hear God telling them to stay,” Bailey said.

    Bailey also noted that “since 1900 when earthquake records began, the largest earthquake was 53 years ago, a 9.5 in Chile in 1960.

    That earthquake was also accompanied by a 38-foot tsunami, which caused most of the casualties.

    The devastating earthquake and tsunami that destroyed northeastern Japan in 2011 was a 9.0 on the Richter Scale. It caused a 133-foot tsunami. A 9.7 earthquake would be seven times stronger than the one that hit Japan. There have only been five earthquakes in history measuring 9.0 or higher, so it is very rare.”


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