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Not your usual breakfast buffet at Spencers Fusion


NO, IT’S not all coffee – brewed, and bread – a variety of them, for breakfast at the Spencers Fusion restaurant of Best Western (BW) Metro Clark.

It’s more, much, much more than your usual hotel bland breakfast, with creativity working in healthier and heartier choices into the breakfast buffet. Complemented by refreshing ambiance, friendly staff, and well-appointed set up to provide guests with a perkier start to their mornings, to go the whole day through.

“Advantage of the brand, BW, is that it keeps us in the service level, that focuses on the key menu items and services that make a great impact on guests,” shares Savers Group of Company COO and president Rufino Cordero.

They said breakfast is one of the factors that heavily influence guest satisfaction. That’s why Spencers Fusion strictly puts up the BW breakfast program, which includes wide spread of staple items such as ham or bacon, five kinds of breads, three kinds of cereals, salad and fresh fruits, yogurts, different kinds of fresh fruit juices, coffee, and tea.

“Anticipating guests needs is another key to keep us in the competition. While we implement hotel food standards, we instill ingenuity and personality in the menu to further satisfy guests” further shares Cordero.

Spencers Fusion boasts of its tasty and best selections of Asian, Filipino and American cuisine. Regional fare is also included to showcase local produce and introduce subtle twists to favorite local dishes.

The signature chicken and pork adobo is a favorite. Never thought these crowd pleaser dishes – chunky pasta Bolognese and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside fish fritter with salsa and tartar sauce are perfect for breakfast too! Traditional congee, fluffy waffle and Spanish omelet are also best sellers in the classic breakfast items.

“Daily forecast for number of guests and nationality is being done to customize the breakfast menu for the next day. We enhance the buffet by providing different options, rotating periodically hot menu items and combining fresh ingredients with standard buffet items. For example, if we have majority Korean guests, we will include Kimchi in the breakfast buffet or last time we had Indian guests we added Vegetable Curry, guests liked it and requested for more,” shares BW Metro Clark food and beverage manager Harold Cortez.

This restaurant promises not only excellent food but also a fuss-free dining experience with attentive service staff, fully outfitted space, and the most appropriate atmosphere to strongly position Spencers Fusion as the best go-to breakfast place in Pampanga.

For more details visit 4/F Best Western Metro Clark Hotel Balibago, Angeles City, call (045) 409-9999 Facebook page @SpencersFusion.

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