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No one is excuse on ECQ violations


SINCE no one among our government officials
Can violate any laws of our motherland
Like the way he did by PNP General
Debold Sinas, of which a ground for dismissal.

So in connection with himself birthday party
That though his visitors did not exceed twenty
Like before he used to celebrate it yearly,
He’s obliged to follow protocols strictly.

Wherein being a man in uniform he should
Be aware of the law and our existing rules,
And as an officer he must in his outlooks
Be the best set of an idol on do’s and don’ts.

(How can we tell our son avoid alcoholic
Drinks if we can’t ourselves stop in taking it;
And, as being parent, has nothing have had teach
Anything but only he can’t be proud of it?).

The NCRPO posted on its Facebook
Some photographs of the celebrant, and it took
Sometime a distancing had not well been followed
During the reception base on it clearly looks.

Banac, already tasked a team to look into
Said event if it is just a rumor or true,
So he could save Sinas from embarrassment, too
Aside from being sack if has proven also.

In advance, Gamboa tried to defend Sinas
By saying then that the required social distance
Has been observed and guests are all wearing face masks,
But apparently there’s a lie and cover-ups.

It is clear as daylight that photos shown the guests
Appeared to contradict claims that no party held
As one of the pictures, Sinas’ blowing his cake,
And that the ECQ has been violated.

Gamboa claimed that he (Sinas) even told him
That they must observe random social distancing,
But if restriction have not well followed therein,
He shall look into it, so as to determine.

That he (Gamboa) said then in a press briefing
Which I may say it seems there was a covering,
So Gamboa himself that Wednesday morning
Ordered the probe as said issue may destruct him.

Secretary Año, said any official
Should exercise ‘delikadesa’ anytime,
And as being on the issue he’s in frontline,
Implementation has to trust into his hands.

And since the DOJ Chief previous instructions
To the NBI has been to look into all
Reported cases of some non-cooperation,
Regardless who’s involved, should follow protocols.

In which who ever found are not telling the truth
Shall temporary be in place of seat remove,
And an instant case, too be likewise filed in Court
At the convenience of everybody’s involved!


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