Nadine Lustre and James Reid share intimate moments in Camarines Sur

    NADINE LUSTRE and James Reid spent the weekend with their buddy Bret Jackson in Camarines Sur for a show.

    They opened the week-long celebration of Kaogma Festival last May 20, 2017.

    While waiting for their call time, the reel and real-life couple dipped in a steamy tub for a “lil photo shoot.”

    James captioned the sexy photo hashtag “#IL2LU [I love to love you] with lyrics from a song, “ooh I like what you’ve done to me”.

    The intimate photo instantly took Internet by storm. Beach lovers both, James and Nadine didn’t miss the chance to take a side trip to Caramoan in Bicol.

    The municipality is known as a gateway to the beautiful beaches, limestone cliff s and caves of the region. JaDine getting cozy during their ride.

    JaDine’s buddy Brian happily third wheel’d the couple.

    Bret wrote on his Instagram post, “Nadine takes the best photos.”

    * * *

    IT HAS become some sort of cultural stereotype that mothers-in-law aren’t exactly the easiest to get along with, particularly in the patriarchal Filipino household where they’ve been predisposed towards nurturing an “adversarial” relationship with the man of the house—even for the flimsiest reasons.

    However fictitious, the image of the strict, domineering mother-in-law evolved into a cliched caricature, usually depicted side by side with the hapless patriarch bearing the brunt of her occasional bouts of domestic turbulence.

    Up to now, many male comedians (both local and foreign) still get a lot of laughs and comic mileage from their mother-in-law jokes, however trite or contrived.

    But as it turns out, this seems to be more the exception rather than the rule. Spongecola frontman Yael Yuzon has none of those “horror stories” to tell about his own mother-in-law, Zsa Zsa Padilla.

    Yael and his wife Karylle have been together since 2010.

    They got married in 2014. Through all those years, he would describe Zsa Zsa as more of a sister or a friend than anything remotely despicable. Yael reveals that he actually found a buddy in his beautiful biyenan.

    He said, “You know how some people have horror stories about mothers-in-law?

    “I don’t have any of that because, it’s like, I hang out with her, I talk to her.

    “She reads books, she watches shows. I read books, I watch shows.

    “It’s like having a friend around.

    “It’s like having a sister around, kind of.

    “She’s very young kasi, e.”

    Karylle’s hubby was also surprised to learn that Zsa Zsa felt the same towards him.

    He adds, “Akala ko ako lang nag-iisip no’n. I think during an interview before, she was asked and she said the same thing.

    “She’s super chill.”

    During one of the episodes in the recently-concluded Kapamilya game show Family Feud, Yael was part of “Team Padilla” where he played alongside Zsa Zsa, Karylle, and Zia Quizon.

    * * *

    EAT BULAGA host Pia Guanio-Mago recently had a baby shower to celebrate the coming of her second baby with husband Steeve Mago.

    The party was held on May 6, Saturday, at Discovery Suites Manila in Pasig City.

    In an Instagram post, Pia said her eldest daughter, four-year-old Scarlet Jenine, helped pick the theme of the baby shower.

    The Kapuso host wrote, “Bunnies or baby? Scarlet said, “Bunnies!!!”

    This way, she can have both! #PiaLovesAprica #EventsAtDiscovery #HappeningInOrtigas @bethanydreamcakes.”

    The 42-year-old TV host is expected to give birth this May 30.

    Pia and Steve will name their baby, Brooklyn.

    Asked why they chose the name Brooklyn.

    The EB dabarkads said she and husband Steve “fell in love” with the New York city borough.

    Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Alden Richards spotted at the baby shower. “King of Catwalk” Sinon Loresca was also there Pia with Ruby Rodriguez and Patricia Tumulak also came.

    Ruby’s daughter Antoinette Nicole Rodriguez and Trops actress Takako Saito enjoyed the party.

    G-Force’s Georcelle Dapat-Sy was also there.


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