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J&J continues to create a healthier future of Filipinos through its ‘Drivers of Innovation’


23 September 2022 – Johnson & Johnson has always been at the forefront of healthcare innovation in the way they operate with over a century of advancing health and improving lives. In its 135 years of operation, the company’s MedTech department has driven breakthrough scientific innovation to address the unmet needs and reimagine health.

Their focus areas include surgery, orthopedics, interventional solutions, and vision where they are committed to continue help save lives and create a future where healthcare solutions are smarter, less invasive, and more personalized.

Locally, J&J Philippines have always put patients at the core of its duty by harnessing the power of technology and breakthrough innovation to elevate new standards of care, especially in an increasingly digital world.

“Our goal at J&J Philippines is to advance health for every Filipino family by offering our patients cutting-edge healthcare and life-enhancing innovation. The MedTech division keeps improving its knowledge of healthcare and strengthening our expertise in medical technologies to reimagine the healthcare experience of our people,” says Dino Alejandro, commercial lead, Ethicon Philippines for J&J MedTech Philippines.

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To fulfill its duty of making care available to all, one of J&J Philippines’ key pillars is its partnership with those on the frontline whom they consider as ‘Drivers of Innovation.’ The healthcare giant ensures that these medical representatives possess a specific standard of knowledge to continuously find bold solutions and help create a healthier future for everyone everywhere.

“We are grateful that we work for an organization that values its employees by giving us the best training for the devices we manage, providing the team with specialized tools and methods, and sharing the most recent clinical papers with us. The business offers ongoing training and updates so that we can deliver the best quality of work,” J&J Philippines’ business manager for Ethicon Luzon, Carlo Enriquez said.

“J&J also invests in professional education programs with our doctors and nurses who use the items to share about their experiences, areas of expertise, and product utilization. These are practical skills we can share with our customers and makes for effective client engagement. Moreover, the company invests in the soft skills that each employee needs as they advance in their careers in the workforce.”

“Our products and devices require a certain level of skill set and our role as product specialists is to make best use of our products’ features and benefits to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients and customers,” says J&J Philippines’ Orthopedic product specialist for Mitek, Marc Daquis.

“J&J has helped me grow in my career in many ways. The company allowed me to evolve from being a medical representative who is focused only on product promotions to a senior product specialist so I can excel and be the best in managing the territory. It honed me to be more confident in dealing with different customers with different needs that led to uncovering new opportunities, winning accounts versus competition, and being on top of the business,” J&J Philippines’ senior product specialist for Ethicon, RJ Quiambao said.

As ‘Drivers of Innovation,’ their duty involves a wider and deeper purpose other than delivering recommended products and devices. They should fortify their fuel to expand their impact on the field to be able to provide quality service to the Filipino community in need.

“The role of a product specialist in medical devices goes beyond promotions and selling. We are responsible in providing key stakeholders up-to-date technologies which promotes better patient outcomes,” says Quiambao.

“Our role is important and critical because it also includes having a customer-centric mindset. As we interact with our customers, we should always hold the same viewpoint as our distributor partners, and vice versa, as they represent J&J’s culture, way of thinking, and products in their regions. This mindset allows trust to foster between the customer and our team,” Enriquez said.

“It is also our responsibility to keep our technical skills and product knowledge at par with the surgical team. Adding value to every procedure and achieving the best possible results for our patients and customers,” says Daquis.

Truly, J&J Philippines’ MedTech team has been an incremental force in making care available to all by removing limitations to a full and better life – from restoring mobility and vision, to providing life-saving surgical technologies and solutions, to enabling those with debilitating conditions to get the right treatment.

For more information about Johnson & Johnson MedTech visit here.


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