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In the gutter


HINDI LAHAT ng inang nakakulong ay nakakapunta sa libing ng kanyang anak. Kaya yung mga sumisimpatya kay Reina Mae Nasino, pagaralan niyo mabuti ang dahilan bakit siya nakulong at kilalain niyong mabuti kung sino siya sa lipunan.

Masyado ninyong ginagawang pangdrama serye sa hapon ang paghihinagpis niya. Tigilan niyo!

Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago, MMDA spokesperson


On higher ground

WE TAKE the higher ground here. We are in a better position to see the whole thing and to understand because there are emotions involved.

When you are the spokesperson of a certain agency, you espouse, you say what the agency feels and believes in. But what you are using now, you are going on a personal note. But, hindi natin mase-separate yung official function natin sa sinasabi [natin].

And there is nothing to correct, kung wala ho tayong sinasabi, if we were more sensitive, and saying like, we extend our condolences to the mother for the loss of the child and let us allow the courts to proceed.

Importante ho na kami sa gobyerno, ingat ho dapat tayo sa sinasabi natin because we reflect our agency as well.

We remain public officials, not only from 8 or 9 to 5. It is a 24-hour duty on our end. So, whatever we say, whatever we do, reflects of who we are and our agency as well.

They cannot say na hiwalay ho ito, that I’m taking my hat off. So, ingat lang ho tayo, especially when you touch on sensitive matters such as death. The loss of someone, you are already grieving enough.

Let us not use our position to voice out things na, what is the purpose of saying it. I always ask, what is … saying it? Makakaganda ba? Makakabuti ba? So, importante ho iyon. Let us always pride ourselves with integrity.

Civil Service Commissioner Atty. Aileen Lizada


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