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In memoriam 


IN PAIN. In sorrow. In rage. November 23, we solemnly observe the 13 th
anniversary of media’s own day that will live in infamy. Nowhere in the world, not
at any time in history had there been 32 media workers killed in one place, in a
single day. Not to mention the 26 other civilians who perished along with them.

The evil of that day impacted in our minds, the tragedy befallen our colleagues
inscribed in our hearts, the heinousness of it all troubling our very souls.

Thirteen years have passed. In the Filipino tradition, the period of mourning has
long ended – but a year after the deaths. That life has moved on.

But not to us in media.

Thirteen years have passed. With the pain, the grief over our loss still there.
Embittered as we are by the slowness of the justice system.

Thirteen years have passed. What justice has been rendered? Indeed, how many
more mediapersons have suffered the same fate since? Percy Lapid only the most

So shall there be no forgetting.

The mourning continues.

The struggle for justice remains unceasing.

The fight to end the culture of impunity that caused and effected the massacre

Heed us then the call to arms: “Do not go quietly into that good night…Rage, rage
against the dying of the light.”

To us the living is reposited that sacred duty until justice is done and the victims
of the Ampatuan massacre, as well as all the martyrs in the cause of press
freedom shall truly rest in peace.


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