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IF YOU are addicted to the enchanting essence of flowers like me, you must have already heard of the seductress helichrysum floret.

It is actually the reason why I took a diploma course in Aroma Therapy at NHI, in San Diego, California, USA. It was around 10 years ago, on a sunny afternoon, I dropped by at Clarks (a famous health shop in the states), to purchase some ingredients for my herbology class. As I entered the health store, a sweet striking fragrance snatched my full attention. I looked around and followed the odor. I found a tall gorgeous American lady standing in front of a small group, lecturing softly in her gentle yet magnetic voice about this certain flower fragrance. She discussed how it can alleviate pains, positively affect one’s mental health and elevate humanity’s quality of life. I listened to her talk until the end, forgot about the purpose of my being there, I was bewitched.

Helichrysum is a shiny golden daisy like flower that sits atop the bell-shaped flower head of the helichrysum plant. It emits intoxicating fragrance with the essence of honey which can leave you in a calming daze. It is restorative and soothing. It is popularly known as Everlasting flower or Italian straw flower.

Indigenous to Africa and Australia, helichrysum will grow anywhere, even in poor soil conditions, although it prefers hot, dry climate. They grow in abundance in Italy, Spain, south of France and other Mediterranean countries, in the wild and as cultivated crops.

The ancient and new age herbalists use this dazzling magnetizing essential oil from helichrysum flowers – for respiratory issues, such as asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, as well as for headaches, digestive diseases, liver ailments and muscle spasms.

European physicians prize helichrysum oil for skin disorders and irritation, because of its ability to reduce inflammation, fight bacterial infection, balance energy and regulate blood flow. It also lowers the swelling of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatism and sciatica. Some claim that it can also improve hearing and reverse hearing loss.

Emotionally, it instills self-confidence, stabilizes the emotion, eases heart tension and clarifies the mind.  For beauty, the oil helps decrease acne, scars, sunburn, wrinkles, and blemishes.

For internal use, take 2 drops of helichrysum pure organic essential oil directly into your mouth or mix it 5 drops in your room temperature clean water, then drink the mixture. Do this once to two times a day, until symptoms disappear. For external application, blend 6 drops of helichrysum pure essential oil with 100 drops of virgin coconut oil or sesame oil, gently apply it to the spots of your body skin (cleaned), that you want to correct, until skin damage clears up.

This great nature essence is a beautiful reminder of how our creator perfectly made the Universe for us. Everything that we need to keep our life vibrant and healthy is out there waiting to be found and serve its essence.


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