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The Vintage Hall: Farm-to-table, healthy dishes


THE VINTAGE HALL (TVH), the signature restaurant of ABC Hotel, has always been the cosmopolitan and stylish dining place in Angeles City. Long an icon of international cuisine, handling TVH is concededly a rather daunting act. But not for new executive Chef Mike Icmat who instantly created a sort of a culinary revolution at TVH with his healthy and farm-to-table menu which he called “fun, unique, and progressive.”

When multi-compartment boxes containing nutritious meals became popular during the pandemic, ABC Hotel’s TVH pivoted to prepare and deliver brightly colored and freshly made healthy dishes despite the health crisis, according to Chef Mike.

Pool View at The Vintage Hall
The Vintage Hall dining area
The Vintage Hall lounge
ABC Hotel lobby

He relies heavily on quality ingredients produced from the herb garden located at the hotel’s rooftop and he represents his creation in creative and fresh new ways.

Herb Garden
Herb Garden

It’s exciting! It’s appetizing!

“It has been my specialty to make something out of nothing that’s why I was always invited by the hotels. The reason I’m here in ABC Hotel is that they want something new, everything I created here are genuine signature dishes of the hotel,” he said.

Executive Chef Mike Icmat

The new menu is not long, but a glance is enough to see a definitive new chapter in TVH. Chef Mike replated several of the fast-moving dishes, saying that these meals are meticulously prepared. However, he also created new meals, such as the Mediterranean vegan healthy bowl, which is layered with black rice and monggo soup. After the layering, it is topped with red cabbage, julienne carrots, blanched spinach, mushroom, and baked cherry tomatoes, and is served with hummus and pita bread – these all-in-one bowls are filling and brimming with nutrients.

“There’s no particular bestseller because most of the items are fast-moving,” he added.

TVH strives to be a place where you can dine every day, with customizable all-day breakfast or brunch sets or dinner platters that can be vegan or healthy. Even better, the wine list is a real steal and KTV rooms readily available to chill with friends and family.

Rib-eye steak

Expats come for the steak and rib eye, as well as the healthier options. Chef Mike is proud of his vegan burger made from vegetables and fruits but tastes like meat as well as his mayonnaise innovation.

Graduated from one of the best culinary schools in the world, Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Mike’s expertise is international cuisine which he learned while working abroad. His exposure to different nations, cultures, and cuisines, as well as his passion for creating food, spans 27 years.

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Chef Mike’s power-packed tropical smoothie bowl is yet another culinary creation. Using abundant tropical food such as longan, papaya, and mango, these fruits were puree in a blender and yogurt and granola were added.

“Everything is made from scratch, even the mashed potato and the pumpkin soup,” the chef explained. He believes that even if you have the best ingredients, if you lack the knowledge and experience, you can just replicate the recipe, but you cannot make your own creations.

Chef Mike enthused: “You may give us a food basket and we can produce anything out of nothing, because of our extensive years in the profession and the boldness to invent.”

Italian wood-fired smoked salmon sandwich

The all-day breakfast and brunch restaurant also features truffle mushroom pizza and an Italian wood-fired smoked salmon sandwich with a bed of sautéed spinach and cream cheese, served with fries! The food in this section of The Vintage Hall is made with passion and perfection in a brick-wood oven, using only the finest ingredients.

Wood-fire oven Pizza

So, it should come as no surprise that TVH is one of the trendiest restaurants in town, serving up creative twists on conventional cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Located at the ground floor of ABC Hotel, 21st Street, Don Juico Ave, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Angeles City, Philippines. TVH is open 24 hours. For more information and reservations you can visit their website at vintagehall.ph or check out their Facebook Page at https://web.facebook.com/TheVintageHallatABC. You may also contact the following: +63 (0)45 892 2222, +63 (0)917 701 5880 or order via Grab!

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