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Governor Pineda Extends Lifeline to Flood-Hit Communities; Distributes 20,000 Food Packs Amid floodwaters


PROVINCE OF PAMPANGA – Governor Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda personally inspected the flood-ravaged municipalities and city, distributing almost 20,000 food packs to the affected families. The humanitarian gesture came as torrential rains brought by Typhoon Egay and Habagat caused severe flooding, leaving thousands of residents in distress.

RELIEF GOODS. Governor Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda distributes food packs to flood-hit communities in Candaba on Saturday, July 29. (Photos by Daniel Ombina/ Pampanga PIO)

With resolute determination, Governor Pineda took to the frontlines, spending two days visiting the municipalities of Candaba, San Luis, San Simon, Minalin, Sto. Tomas and the City of San Fernando.

RELIEF GOODS. Minalin Mayor Philip Naguit assists Governor Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda in the distribution of food packs to flood-hit communities in Minalin on Sunday, July 30. (Photos by Jaja Galang / Pampanga PIO)

Almost 20,000 affected residents directly benefited from the food packs, providing essential sustenance during this trying time.

The towns of Candaba received 2,700 food packs, which were then distributed to the barangays of Bahay Pare (1,200), Pescadores, Gulap, Buas, and Sto. Rosario (1,500). In addition, the municipalities of San Luis (3,000), Minalin (5,820), San Simon (3,000), and Sto. Tomas (2,000) were recipients of Governor Pineda’s benevolence.

The City of San Fernando also received 1,000 food packs, while the affected barangays Del Pilar (1,000), Pandaras (400), and Sta. Teresita (440) were not left behind.

RELIEF GOODS. Residents from Barangay Pandaras receive food packs from the provincial government of Pampanga on Sunday, July 30. (Photos by Jaja Galang / Pampanga PIO)

Governor Pineda was assisted by Special Assistant to the Governor (SAG) Angelina Blanco, Acting PSWDO Fe Manarang, and staff from PDRRMO, PSWDO, GSO, and PIO.

RELIEF GOODS. Governor Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda turns over food packs for residents affected by flooding in San Luis to Mayor Jayson Sagum on Sunday, July 30. (Photos by Jaja Galang / Pampanga PIO)

The team’s collective efforts exemplified the power of unity in the face of adversity.

To ensure the safety and welfare of the residents, the Provincial disaster and risk reduction and management council remained vigilant, standing ready on a 24/7 basis.

This unyielding preparedness demonstrated the province’s commitment to respond promptly to emergent situations.

The devastating impact of the floods was felt across 235 barangays in 16 municipalities and one city, affecting over 144,340 families comprising a total of 512,722 individuals as of July 31, 7am.

As floodwater is continuously submerging thousands of agricultural land, the damage was revealed, totaling P175,560,656 in rice, P 2,479,200 in high-value crops, P 4,900,449 in corn, and P 132,758,016 in fisheries.

In the wake of the calamity, 112 evacuation centers were set up across 82 barangays, offering refuge to 1,550 families or 6,057 individuals displaced by the floods.

As Pampanga faces the daunting task of rebuilding, Governor Pineda’s unwavering support served as a beacon of hope for the province. The municipalities of Macabebe, San Simon, and Sto. Tomas, San Luis have already declared a state of calamity as of this writing.


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