Globe launches ‘Go Sakto’


    CLARK FREEPORT ZONE – Budget conscious cellphone pre-paid users of Globe Telecom can now enjoy their own pre-paid promos that suit their needs, budgets and lifestyles.

    Globe Telecom launched on Monday at the Holiday Inn Resort here “GoSakto”, the first and only service in the country that allows prepaid subscribers to create and customize a prepaid promo.

    GoSakto empowers prepaid subscribers to design their own promo according to what they need, recognizing the fact that customers have different call, text and surfing needs. With GoSakto, subscribers have the flexibility to tailor-fit their prepaid promo based on what they need for the day, week or month.

    To enjoy their GoSakto promo, subscribers first choose what type of promo to avail: call/text/surf, call and text, call and surf, text and surf, or a combination of all. They can also choose the validity of their tailor-fit promos for a day, three days, a week, or month.

    Once subscribers have chosen their promo, GoSakto further personalizes the experience by letting them select the type and number of calls and texts they need.

    Type of call and texts can be within the Globe/TM network or across all networks, while number can be bulk or unlimited. For subscribers who need surfing services,, they can also choose between bulk (in megabytes or MBs of data) or unlimited.

    Finally, they get to pick the validity of the calls, texts and surfing services they availed from a day, three days, seven days, or 30 days.

    With the many levels of selection, prepaid subscribers can explore and find the best value GoSakto promo combo in over 2,000 possible combinations. The new innovation is another first from Globe.

    Meanwhile, there are three easy ways to GoSakto: via mobile phone *143#, via the Globe website or via Facebook where they can share their promo to their friends via the GoSakto page on the social networking site.

    GoSakto even allows subscribers to name their created promo, as well as let their FB friends register to the same promo, creating a community of GoSakto users online.

    With GoSakto, subscribers are spared from promo availment barriers such as maintaining balance, capping, and limited price points. A GoSakto promo is available for as low as P7 and can co-exist with another promo, giving subscribers more value for their money.

    “We are thrilled to disrupt the pre-paid market with yet another innovation that will change the behaviour of today’s subscribers when it comes to availing promos,” said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Prepaid.

    “With GoSakto, subscribers will bid pre-made and canned prepaid promos goodbye. No customer is the same as the other. One would want more voice calls, another is a heavy texter, and the other enjoys browsing.

    One prefers one day promos, the other chooses those with longer validity. At the end of the day, you are the only one who truly understand and know your needs when it comes to connecting with your friends and loved ones,” Dizon said.

    “Taking this consumer insight, we at Globe developed a new service that will give the subscribers the power to make their own promo from scratch,” said Dizon. “Through Globe GoSakto, Globe will be the brand that makes prepaid promos more flexible, personal and yes customizable,” she added.

    For 2013, Dizon looks at GoSakto to increase the number of promo subscriptions among existing customers, as well as to acquire new ones who are looking for the right prepaid promos that will fit their needs.


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