Students build PCOS machine

    BALANGA CITY – Engineering students of a private college here on Saturday presented a simple invention similar to the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine to be used by the Commission on Elections on the first automated elections on May 10, 2010.

    The exhibit was among the 17 inventions by students of Microcity Computer College here.

    Engr. Saudino Lacsamana, dean of the Engineering department of Microcity Computer College, said that the exhibit known as Automated Election System is a design that functions like the PCOS machine in counting votes cast.

    “Wala pang P200 ang gastos at dalawang oras lang ginawa,” the dean said.

    However, he said “theirs was a basic hardware design minus the security system probably installed in the machines produced by Smartmatic for Comelec.”

    “Basic presentation lamang ang sa amin sa engineering sapagka’t ang sa security design ay sa Information Technology na,” he added.

    “Naisip lamang naming gawin ito dahil may malaking isyu, may kontrobersiya sa automation noon. Kayang-kayang gawin ito ng Pinoy,” Lacsamana said.

    The dean also said that like what has been advertised on the shading of the “bilog na hugis itlog,” their machine with the use of optical sensor under the sensoric technology, counts votes when the circles are properly shaded.

    The machine, like Smartmatic’s PCOS, invalidates the votes for a certain position when two circles are shaded for the same position like that of the president.

    The exhibit was part of Microcity’s 18th foundation day activities at the Bataan People’s Center here.


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