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Ex-village chief tagged in killing of exec, watchman


TALAVERA, Nueva Ecija – A former village executive was linked in the recent killing of a barangay chairman and a peacekeeper in Barangay Dimasalang Sur here.

Former barangay chair Marcelo Marcial who lost reelection in the last barangay polls allegedly asked on Dec. 2, 2019 a motorcycle-riding man to push through with the killing of current chairman Christopher Antonio, according to Ferdinand Javate, 52, a former village peacekeeper.

Antonio, along with bantay bayan member Rey Dela Cruz, was gunned down by a motorcycle-riding assassin on Dec. 15.

In an affidavit executed before a public attorney Thursday, Javate said he was at the house of Marcial when a man on board a motorcycle arrived.

“Na habang ako po ay kumakain ng tanghalian sa bahay nila dating kapitan Celeng Marcial ay may nakita akong isang lalaki na lulan ng motorsiklo ang dumating at hinanap si dating Kapitan Celeng Marcial,” Javate narrated.

Javate said Marcial went on to talk with the man some five steps away from him. He did not know the name of the man though.

“Narinig ko si dating kapitan Celeng na sinabihan ang lalaki na gaya ng mga sumusunod: Papatayin na natin si kapitan Cris,” Javate added.

Javate who served as watchman under Marcial’s term also expressed belief Marcial could have wanted Antonio killed because of political rivalry.

Antonio won over Marcial in the 2018 barangay elections, he noted.

Police Lt. Col. Alexie Desamito Talavera police chief, said they are preparing double murder charges against Marcial.

She said Javate’s story was “strong” considering his personal acquaintance with Marcial.

“Palagay ko naman ay matibay dahil kakilala niya yung principal suspect,” Desamito said.

She said they have already charged the suspected gunman who is now subject of a manhunt.

Marcial has yet to comment on the accusation.


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