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Dotage, or fentanyl?


“THE PRESIDENT renews his offer to the Vice President to become the anti-illegal drugs czar, with all offices, bureaus, agencies or government instrumentalities involved in the enforcement of the law on prohibited drugs placed under her command and supervision with a Cabinet secretary portfolio, to ensure her effectiveness in combatting the drug menace.”

So said presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo in a statement, furthering the off er is to “dispel all doubts on the sincerity of the Chief Executive’s off er,” after critics and Vice President Leni Robredo herself expressed suspicions that the President was not being serious. Especially as the off er was made through a text message.

A day after, President Duterte said there was no need for Malacañang to put his offer in writing: “Hindi na kailangan. I will swear her [in] as a Cabinet member. First, balik siya so that she will have the authority.” He also clarified that the post offered would last until the end of his term, not just the six months he had originally offered.

Duterte was yet to catch his breath on the same day, in the same press conference in Davao City, when she warned the electorate against voting for Robredo should she run for president: “’Wag kayong boboto diyan kay Leni. Kawawa kayo.”

Rambling: “Kung ‘yan ang maging presidente, hindi alam ang batas, na ang pulis pala ay puwedeng magtanggap, according to the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Law, nandiyan sa batas, mismo, punishing itong maghingi nang malaki, ‘yung maghingi muna bago magtrabaho. Pero kung tapos na ang trabaho, the Filipino is always conscious about gratitude, that is a trait deeply rooted sa ating… may utang na loob ka.”

Babbling: “Tapos ito, diretso, sabihin na ganito-ganito, ‘wag kayong magkumpiyansa diyan kay ano, disgrasya kayo. ‘Yan ang presidente, patay, sigurado.”

The only excuse one can make for Duterte’s habitual outburst of incoherence, fit of inconsistencies, and spark of inanities, is that he is in his dotage, or on fentanyl.


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