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Do not fear the unknown


AS MY travel to Italy was nearing, different thoughts and questions kept rolling in my mind. Am I going to be safe transiting from one airport to another? Should I wait further and just cancel my trip? I meditated with this feeling, to see the best course and every time, the answer that I see is to push though.

When I arrived at NAIA 3 airport, I was surprised to see many people mostly OFW’s and few foreigners. Everyone wore face masks, face shields and observed physical distancing. It was sight of relief and hope, that everything is not that bad after all. From the check-in counter, to the immigration, up to the boarding and take-off of the plane, everything went smoothly. I slept like a baby throughout the journey, relieving my brain from all the anticipation of the uncertain.

There is no direct flight to my destination, so I needed to transit from Dubai, to catch my ride to Rome. I had four hours layover in Emirates (Dubai). I decided to walk around to see how the duty-free shops are doing. Half of the designer shops are closed and the items sold are limited. There were many passengers from different part of the continent and all seems to be normal, except for the protocols and face masks.

With an elated heart, I went to the lounge, took a shower, dressed up and said my prayers. I felt overwhelmed with joy, that the world is still the same. I realize that I made the right choice of pursuing my trip. It made me see the truth. That what only shifted is our awareness. That we have to be mindful at all times with our actions, health condition, safety and that community effort is necessary to defeat the growth of the virus, a non- living agent, who has the power to imprison us.  

Reading many researches by scientists and medical doctors about the profile of people who passed due of the Covid-19, it was concluded that most of them, had pre-existing health conditions and some with lingering serious illnesses.

But do you know that fear is as fatal as the pathogen itself? People panic buying and hoarding was the consequence of fear. Up against something that is foreign and new, brings shiver to the mind and distress to the heart.

I felt exactly it, when I received the letter from my business partner to set my flight ticket to Italy, for they need me in the signing of contract with the famous brand company who produces the best 100% organic health and beauty products, that I will introduce in Asia. The only difference with me, I know how to self-heal and can easily jump back to restore my true self.

Due to the horror brought about by the pandemic and the lockdown that went with it, mental cloudiness drove people to take their own lives. In my holistic center, Orissa, we were able to save five suicidal young clients. It was unbelievably heart breaking to listen to the thoughts of a suicidal person.

They seem to be helpless, feel that no one would understand them, think they are burden, not good enoughwhich bring shame to the family. This concept of ideas terrorized them every day. The life counseling, guided meditation for calm and tension release, customized personal affirmations, divine energy alignment therapy and close monitoring, delivered the miracle result.

Fear greatly affects the mind and body. It is one of the auto responses of our mechanism to an experience. It is a natural response.

Manage and bid farewell to those fears by allowing yourself to face your fears. Analyze with clarity what makes you feel frightened and ask yourself, is it real or just an illusion? If you are not sure, call a trusted friend or a life coach to help you go through it.

At the onset of fear or panic, close your eyes, take deep breaths and as you exhale, imagine all the fears and anxieties coming out with your breath and relax. Focus your attention on your breathing. Do this cycle for 10 minutes, morning and before bed time, or whenever you feel anxious. It is also recommended for mind tranquility.

Write all the things you are grateful for and achievements that makes you proud about yourself. Read the list every time you feel down. Do not take circumstances seriously. Use sense of humor and choose delightful topics when in conversation with friends or dear ones.

Exercise supports mental wellness. It refocuses the mind, while the body produces the happy hormones, serotonin in the brain, which gives you the sensation of overall wellbeing. Choose a holistic nutritious food that will boost your strength and immunity.  Knowing you are healthy and strong, gives you confidence and the courage to live a normal life, given the condition.

Lastly, be kind to yourself and proud of who you are. It doesn’t matter if others do not see your beauty and goodness, what matters is you do.

Peace and Light.


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