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Derek recalls getting lap dance from Andrea: ‘She is in control, like in bra and panty’


DEREK RAMSAY opens up about doing love scenes with Andrea Torres in The Better Woman.

The GMA-7 actor pointed this out how different is it doing a love scene with someone that you like?

Derek laughed before answering, “I like naman all my leading ladies. They’re all beautiful.”

Turning serious, he pointed out: “I’m very professional. I shut myself down.

“It’s not Derek. It’s the character.

“I get asked, ‘Do you get carried away?’ No, because I shut myself down. I don’t want to disrespect my leading lady.

“I’ve mastered how to shut myself down and do the scene, do it right, do it quick.

“One take lang pero it doesn’t get awkward between the two of you.

“But if you like the girl, it makes it a lot easier.”

When it comes to his current leading lady, he narrated how he became close to Andrea while doing their Kapuso prime-time series.

“It’s strange, Andrea and I just clicked.

“It started off with the station ID. I’d never met her.

“Nagpunta ako sa set, tinago nila ako coz I was the new star of GMA.

“Literally, dinala ako sa set, doon ko siya nakilala. Agad, we had to do a romantic [scene]…

“Naka-bikini siya, naka-topless ako.

“What a way to be introduced to each other!”

In the summer station ID of GMA-7, Derek and Andrea had sultry moments on a beach.

Derek wrapped his hands around Andrea and they chased each other while playing in the water.

He laughed at the memory before describing the way they started working in The Better Woman.

“Then we started the teleserye and that was the second time we met each other, lap dance galing sa kanya.

“Everything just happened so fast.

“Usually, sa mga eksenang ganun, I’m used to being in control but in this one, I’m the one who is reluctant and she is in control, like in bra and panty,” he said with a laugh.

“She was giving me a lap dance. That was something new for me.”

The actor thought back then if these kinds of sexy scenes would be allowed by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

“Naisip ko nun, pwede ba sa TV ito? Parang hindi pwede sa TV ito.

“That’s the challenge I like about our teleserye. It’s very mature.

“With all the restrictions you have on TV, paano namin naitatawid? We found a way to do that.

“With that said, we shoot it like a movie para sa Netflix.”


DANIEL PADILLA is proud that his girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo stars in two of the topgrossing Filipino films of all time.

“Ang tagumpay niya ay tagumpay ko rin,” declares Daniel Padilla who is proud of his girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo and the recent box-office success of her movie, Hello, Love, Goodbye.

“Kanina nga nagsimba kami para lang magpasalamat sa lahat ng mga blessings na natatamo niya at natatamo ko rin. Ang tagumpay niya ay tagumpay ko rin,” Daniel triumphantly asserts.

Hello, Love, Goodbye, Kathryn’s OFW-centric romance film with GMA-7 actor Alden Richards, has a reported worldwide box-office gross of PHP 838,514,653.70 as of August 23, 2019.

Meanwhile, the 2018 romance film The Hows of Us, which stars Kathryn and Daniel, still stands as the highest grossing Filipino film of all time with a total gross of more than PHP900 million.

With these two achievements, Kathryn has the recognition of being the only actress to lead both of the top two highestgrossing Filipino films of all time. Acknowledging this, Daniel says with pride, “O, panis, nobya ko iyan.”

Daniel teases that there are projects lined up for him, but refuses to divulge details.

He says, “Soon, soon. Hindi pa tayo puwede mag-spill, e, pero soon.

“Alam niyo naman ako. Sa shadows ako gumagalaw. Sa mga anino.”

Will Daniel consider working with an actress from GMA-7 as well?

He answers, “Depends kung sino, di ba? Pero iyon na nga sabi ni Kathryn, e.

“Hindi naman natin sinasara yung mga pinto natin sa mga ganung opportunidad.”


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