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CLTV36 Unveils “CIA in Action with Boy Abunda,” a Compelling Legal Show with a Powerful Legacy


CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA – [Date] – CLTV36 proudly announces the premiere of “CIA in Action with Boy Abunda,” a captivating legal show inspired by the late Senator Rene Cayetano’s “Compañero Y Compañera.” Debuting on February 24, 2024, at 7 PM. Veteran television personality Boy Abunda hosts this unique program featuring Senators Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano, carrying forward their father’s legacy of making legal knowledge accessible to the public.

Honoring a Legacy, Continuing the Service

“CIA in Action” isn’t merely a tribute; it’s a continuation of the Cayetano family’s dedication to public service and legal education. Senators Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano, with their deep legal expertise and public service experience, offer invaluable insights. Boy Abunda’s renowned interview style and understanding of social issues ensure each episode is both informative and engaging.

Beyond the Law: Engaging Exploration and Practical Advice

“CIA in Action” goes beyond dry legal discussions. It aims to be a dynamic platform for exploring current legal issues, offering practical advice, and making the complexities of Philippine law understandable for the general public. Viewers can expect stimulating discussions, relatable examples, and valuable takeaways.

Tune In, Be Empowered

Don’t miss the premiere on February 24th at 7 PM on CLTV36, with weekly episodes airing every Saturday at the same time. Replays air Wednesdays at 7 PM. For added convenience, episodes will also be available for streaming on CLTV36’s digital platforms.

Join the Journey, Understand the Law

We invite you to join Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, and Boy Abunda on this enlightening journey through the world of law. “CIA in Action” is where engaging discussions meet legal empowerment. Tune in and unlock your understanding of the legal landscape.

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