Classes unsuspended, logic interrupted

    Public Service Advisory:

    With the lifting of the yellow rainfall alert warning, classes in Angeles City in all levels in both public and private schools will RESUME tomorrow (Tuesday) August 16, 2016.

    For the information and guidance of all. Thank you.


    AS STATED, in all its plainness, an FYI from the city information offi ce posted in FB the evening of August 15.

    NO CLASSES on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 from pre-school to senior high school in all public and private schools in Pampanga due to the expected heavy rains as per PAGASA rainforecast – Office of the Governor.

    As plain, this advisory from the provincial disaster risk reduction and management office issued in the afternoon of August 15.

    Separate issuances from separate local government units. Plain as plain can ever be with their respective messages: Classes in Angeles City. No classes in Pampanga.

    Still, some puzzlement – at least a number dismissed as stupidity – in the net: Bakit po may pasok sa Angeles, eh nag-declare na pong wala sa buong Pampanga?

    Kaya po WHOLE PAMPANGA sinabi ni Governor dahil lahat…Tapos sabihin politically separated, saang lugar ang Angeles?

    City councilor Edu Pamintuan responding: Meron nang Pasok sa Angeles City, as per Mayor Ed Pamintuan at ‘di sakop ng Pampanga ang Angeles as far as political jurisdiction is concerned that’s why Angeles City does not vote for a Pampanga governor.

    On the issue of non-suspension of classes for tomorrow, the Local Chief Executive of Angeles City said the city is NOT among the LOW-LYING areas of Pampanga na kung saan kahit ulan lang nang konti bumabaha na.

    And as the world renowned environmental global organization WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE stated at Clark “Angeles is the last migration area in Pampanga because of its being located in a much higher area than the rest of the PROVINCE.”

    Instead of putting the issue to rest – in this wise, under water – the good alderman’s post generated a tsunami of comments that fl ooded the net with arguments running the gamut of the Material Fallacies of Reasoning we were cautioned against in Philosophy 101. Not to mention the creatively bizarre, and the graphically out-of-this-world memes: Angeles City carved out of the map of Pampanga and laid in some nowhere land, and that of the solar system placing the city as an asteroid in Earth’s orbit. (Note: We did some redaction on the comments cited here.)

    Ad misericordiam comprised most of the arguments: Angeles City may be high and dry, but there are many students in city schools who come from neighboring San Fernando and other towns which are now flooded. Please be considerate….

    The risk of going through floodwaters, under driving rain, to go to school is just too high. Have some compassion for these poor students.

    Ad hominem too: Parents should decide for their children. Kahit na si Duterte pa ang magsabing may pasok, if the parents think it would put their kids at risk they should not allow them to go to school…

    Reng tamad a e bisang lungub, magdrop nakayu mu. Asnako pang karakal pamanyabyan.

    Classes in Angeles resume tomorrow. Tama na reklamo!!! Kung ayaw mo pumasok anak mo edi wag mo papasukin. Ganun lang kasimple!!!

    At sa mga estudyanteng reklamo ng reklamo… mag-drop out nalang kaya kayo para forever bakasyon!!! Ang aarte…. ang tatamad.

    And reasoned sensitivity: With due respect, we all know that politically Angeles is separate from the province. However, there is one thing that makes Angeles part of Pampanga and that is geographically. Today some public school classes experienced 20% class attendance which means hindi po maximized yung gastos, time, at eff ort ng bawat isa dahil sa point of view ng teacher uulitin nila sa class ang diniscuss. Likewise deng pung manatad at mandakit ali eganagana makasaken. Yung mga preparatory kindergarten magkasakit la pu pamamunta dahil narin king uran, traffi c at other weather factors. Ita mu pu. Try tamu sanang magcommute pamisan-misan.

    All arguments, expectedly, turning moot and academic with the post from the city information offi cer 9 p.m. of August 16: Public Service Advisory: With the orange rainfall alert warning, Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan has declared the SUSPENSION of classes in Angeles City in all levels in both public and private tomorrow, Wednesday, 17 August 2016.

    Be safe, Angeleños.

    But no, there’s just no end to it. Why, even class war was invoked: …Siguru reng king Angeles city hall e de makaing panamdaman ing eff ect ning uran uling ken la mansion makatuknang. Or eyu gagawan ing obra yu kaya nung e da kayu katukan o bulabugan e ye i-declare No Classes ya ing Angeles, or marine kayu mu at mekyapus nakayu mu. You are very insensitive. Reng rugu kalulu ilang halos makalbug, ikayung makwalta ali yu pagtyagan tuknang keng lugal a lulbug.

    So, on we go blah, blah, blah. And duh, duh, duh.


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