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CBCP seeks justice for Jullabee


BALANGA CITY — The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines – Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People strongly urged government officials on Tuesday to exhaust all efforts to attain justice for Jullabee Ranara.

“All perpetrators should be swiftly investigated and prosecuted. They should be held accountable for her death. Blood is on their hands,” Bataan Bishop Ruperto Santos, head of CBCP–ECMI said. 

The bishop of described what happened to Ranara as a very sad and tragic news. “A life was brutally taken. It is inhuman, a crime. Jullabee would be at peace, at rest, if justice is served.”

The prelate said the victim was a person, a human being who came to work in a foreign land thinking of the welfare of her children and dreaming of a better life for her family but she suffered and her life ended.

Santos asked government officials to be more vigilant to protect overseas Filipino workers and to defend their rights and promote their dignity. “Life is precious, special, sacred and a gift from God. All must have fear of God and respect life.”

He said CBCP–ECMI as well as chaplains will pray and offer Holy Masses for the eternal rest of Ranara.  “May she find comfort and peace with God and God strengthen her family and grant to them the necessary graces and gifts for their good and secured life.”

Santos said they will also pray for other OFWS, especially those in great difficulty and in dire need. 



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