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Busan-based young musicians serenade, help COVID-19 victims, Aeta school

Method Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Son Young Chae (right, sitting) with the performing artists and representatives from Husstem Korea Cedars Group after the performance at Harbor Point, Subic Freeport. (MALOU DUNGOG)

OLONGAPO CITY- Korean performing artists pondered Filipino, Korean and Filipino-Korean residents here with the taste of traditional Korean music and culture during a free concert treat by Busan, South Korea-based Method Philharmonic Orchestra.

Founded in 2002, the Method Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) aims to promote “a beautiful and music-happy society with culture” centered on young musicians in Busan, Korea. The orchestra is led by distinguished Korean musician and conductor Son Young Chae.

Mr. Son explained that the MPO hope to serve as a bridge to cultural mission through talent donation along with multi-cultural families, youth protection facilities, social welfare centers, and disabled people in the local Kopino (Korean-Filipino) community with profits generated through public service as well as performance projects.

Method Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Son Young Chae (standing behind) with Sister Leticia Quindara and students from Saint Francis Learning Center Foundation, an indigenous school in Subic, Zambales, which offer free education for the youth. (MALOU DUNGOG)

This year, MPO performed at the SM Central Olongapo City and Harborpoint at Subic Bay Freeport on October 27 and 28, respectively, and was sponsored by Husstem Korea Cedars Group, a block chain-based platform specialized in agricultural and fishery products.

Husstem exports its own business solutions to the world and grows into a global platform, including: Philippine Kopino Family Happiness Fun, Korean Residents in the Philippines Fund for Settlement; and Philippine Elementary School Development Fund.

As part of its mission, the Method Philharmonic Orchestra tied-up with Husstem Korea and awarded selected beneficiaries who were severely affected during the out-break of COVID-19: a female student whose Korean father suffered a stroke and could hardly work was given P100,000 and a scholarship grant; a young Korean who lost both his parents, and his job and subsequently his house, received financial aid of P200,000; and a Korean father who is jobless since their company shutdown during pandemic, and lost his mother, received P300,000 in financial aid.

Aeta students from St. Francis Learning Center Foundation, led by the school principal Sis. Femy Villegas, SFIC (4th, left), with members of the St James Parish Church, while receiving the second delivery of 10 sacks of rice, and two units of solar powered lights, sponsored by Husstem Korea, through Method Philharmonic Orchestra. SFLC caters indigenous students from Zambales. (MALOU DUNGOG)

Meanwhile, the St. Francis Learning Center Foundation, which offers education for the indigenous youths in Zambales, received 20 cavans of rice and two units of solar-powered street lights.

Aside from the orchestra, MPO had expanded with the conception of Method String Ensemble, the Method Clarinet Ensemble, Donghwa Nation Music Company, and the Method Children’s Choir, which are working as a professional art corporation in parallel with cultural and artistic performances and educational projects including Korean traditional music chamber, and Korean popular culture such as dramas, songs, and movies performed around the world, including the Philippines.

The MPO first performed in the Philippines on August 24, 2015 at SM City Clark dubbed as “Korean Concert in Heart” charity performance. It was followed by “Korean Day” concert in August 2016 which was spearheaded by the Korean Association of the Philippines. The holding of concerts was suspended on August 2017 until November 2018 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“A meaningful cultural exchange festival, which supports scholarships for Filipino youth, has begun again,” Mr. Son said, adding MPO will form a consensus with Kopino families, orchestra members, volunteers, and local Koreans, especially through continuous exchanges with Olongapo City in the Philippines.(MALOU DUNGOG)


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