Birthday bash


    THEY SAW only a fourth of the whole picture.

    Double visionary as he is, and therefore possessed of keen political insight, I tend to readily believe Deng Pangilinan.

    He was showing me Sun-Star Pampanga’s Wednesday issue with the news “Naguit endorses Pelayo for Congress”, to wit:

    (Minalin) town Mayor Arturo Naguit has publicly endorsed the candidacy of Candaba Mayor Jerry “John Lloyd” Pelayo for 4th district congressman.

    Naguit said that for so long the congressional seat has been held by the Bondoc family.

    The mayor stated that this is the right time to entertain reform and change of leadership in the 4th district.

    “Magagawa natin ito sa tulong ni Mayor jerry. Kaya kami sa Minalin ay buo ang suporta naming sa kanya,” he added…

    Mayor Katoy was but one of the four mayors that publicly endorsed Cong Jerry that Saturday he celebrated his birthday. Deng should know. He was at the Miss Earth Park in Candaba where the political part of the event took place.

    The other Naguit in the Pampanga Mayors League – Lito of Sto. Tomas – made as stirring an endorsement of Kuyang.

    While it may be dismissed that the Naguits had no option but to go Pelayo, given that their own rivals have long been in the stable of the Bondocs, it would be foolhardy to take their endorsements lightly. They are sitting incumbents, Deng says. And are therefore the llamados in the elections.

    What is most telling to the Bondoc campaign, to Deng though, is the open endorsement of Mayor Annette Flores-Balgan of Macabebe, the very hometown and bailiwick of the Bondoc family.

    “Migkulang ke kalinga (We were not cared for).” So Deng remembered Mayor Balgan telling the Candaba crowd her reason for pushing for Cong Jerry.

    This is a clear break from the past, the Floreses that have long made the Macabebe mayorship a family heirloom passed on among themselves were trusted allies of the Bondocs.

    Then, with the Macabebe mayor going Pelayo, nearby Masantol ruled by a Flores sibling is most certainly going that way too.

    And as though that were not enough damage to the Bondoc campaign, Deng heard Mayor Balgan declare that being unopposed in her re-election bid, she can concentrate her time, energy and resources for a Pelayo victory.

    Much in the same position of uncontested strength is Apalit Mayor Jun-Jun Tetangco, who committed his total support to Pelayo.

    That is four mayors – five, including Pelayo – out of eight in the 4th district publicly positioning against the Bondoc family, Deng noted. Plus San Simon Mayor Leonora C. Wong, presumably, having castigated the younger Bondoc for being epal in claiming credit for infrastructure projects undertaken by the national government in the 4th district.

    The whole picture then, says Deng, is: The Bondocs are veritably left with only one mayor in the district – San Luis where the Bondoc sister is domiciled by marriage.

    No, it has never been this way for them, Deng remembers. It has always been smooth sailing for them, the son even running unopposed in his re-election in 2001, his sister having palookas for opponents in all three runs

    What happened?

    Metikal na la ding tau (The constituents got tired of them).” Deng could only hazard a collective feeling rising out of the district.

    Mayor Katoy perhaps articulated that general feeling thus: “Balamu wari anti yamung bola ing Congress para king 4th district? Pipasa-pasa de ring mipa-pamilya, kaybat ning tatang, ing anak a lalaki potang kayi ing atsi.

    Ngeni, bisa ne naman ing wali. Makanita namu wari (As though the congressional seat in the 4th district were a ball being passed in the hands of family members, from father to son to daughter and now the son again. Is that all there is to it)?”

    Birthday bash turned Bondoc-bashing. Cong Jerry’s happiest ever there.  

    Be wary, Rimpy. Be very wary.    


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