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Beauty Gonzalez says on bashers: ‘Sorry, ganda ng katawan ko!’


BEAUTY GONZALEZ reveals not getting a number of roles in the past because she was fat, which makes her a favorite celebrity being bashed.

Beauty faces all her bashers bravely.

Only last December the actress posted in her bikini outfit on instagram. Negative comments flooded.

“Well, I eat bashers for breakfast. I eat them for lunch. Puwede din for dinner,

“And nakakapayat siya, minsan nakakataba.

“Sa totoo lang, good and bad publicity, is still publicity. At least, pinapansin ka kesa sa hindi ka pinapansin.

“I mean, we’re in showbiz, di ba?

“Kailangan may nangyayari sa ‘yo. Okay lang. Deadma. It’s not true naman, e.”

Beauty doesn’t mind being bahsed, and firmly says that she will still post photos on her bikini outfit.

“Oo naman, kasi hindi naman ito magtatagal. Forty [years old], makunat na ‘yan lahat.

“So, if kaya ko ipakita right now, why not?

“Hindi naman sa pagmamayabang.”

The actress admits she was fat before she entered showbiz.

“Dati kasi akong mataba. ‘Tapos pumayat.

“Gusto ko ipakita katawan ko. Pinaghirapan ko ito, e.

“E, di, kung sa iba pagmamayabang yun, sorry… sorry kayo.

“E, sa akin, I’m just being proud na I’ve achieved this body and I’ve worked hard for it, and I want to inspire other people too.

“Kasi I’ve been a very fat kid and for the longest time, ang daming roles na hindi napunta sa akin because I was fat.

“And now, gusto kong ipakita, I’m ready. I’m here, I’m ready for any role.

“Sorry, ganda ng katawan ko. Pasensiya na,”

She also mentions that serving as an inspiration to other women makes her happy.

“Siyempre, yun naman ang purpose ko, e.

“Kung marunong lang akong mag-vlog, I would love to share my secrets on how I lost my weight.

“Kasi, basically, it’s not about losing the weight.

“It’s all about taking care of yourself and feeling good about the way you look.”


ICE SEGUERRA on becoming a father soon:

“I’m excited. I’m excited to take that role.”

This coming December 2019 the transfer of a fertilized embryo to LIza Dino will take place. which definitely makes Ice all agog to father his own child.

The couple will undergo in vitro fertilization to produce a child. The eggs will come from Ice and a sperm donor while Liza carries the fertilized embryo.

Says Ice, who’s a transgender man and formerly known as Aiza Seguerra…

“Nung January, after my first day of my menstruation, I went to the doctor, I started na the injections.

“Yung mga injections na ‘to is to stimulate my eggs, kasi the goal is when they harvest my eggs, dapat madami kahit papa’no, huwag lang naman isa.

“Finally, we were able to harvest three good quality eggs.

“So, I’m happy.”

The procedure is suppose to be scheduled on September 2019 but cue to Liza’s work, Ice wants her stressfree during her pregnancy stage.

“And then after that, usapan namin ni Liza… kasi ang dami talaga niyang trabaho, e.

“Ayaw naman namin na stressed siya ‘tapos magbubuntis.

“So, sabi niya, ‘Love, December.’ December ita-transfer sa kanya yung fertilized na embryo.

“Let’s pray for my eggs.”

According to Ice there were two sperm donors from abroad..

“And then after that, usapan namin ni Liza… kasi ang dami talaga niyang trabaho, e.

“So, ganito yung mangyayari nun, that’s the first step, meron nang eggs.

“So, ipi-freeze yung itlog na yun.

“Nakahanap na naman kami ni Liza ng two donors, pinagpipilian lang namin.

“Gusto talaga namin Caucasians… si Superman ang tawag ko sa isa, Boy Pogi naman sa isa.

“So ayun, pag napili na namin yun, pag nakuha na namin, that’s when the fertilization starts.”

They chose the guy they call “Superman”. Six-feet tall, with blue eyes,a summa cum laude, a musician and looks exactly like Liam Hemsworth (Star of Hunger Games and husband of Miley Cyrus).


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