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Have you tried Dwino’s?


(Dwino’s Ribbon Cutting with from L-R Dr. Ferdinand De Mesa, Maricon Bautista, Architect Edwin Bautista, Architect Catherine Pineda, & Dra. Nenita Tan)

THERE’S A little restaurant off Sindalan, City of San Fernando that is becoming a favorite buffet dining destination and its called Dwino’s, named after one of the owners, Architect Edwin Bautista.

Dwino’s opened its doors to the public, putting a fresh spin on the buffet dining experience – shabby chic yet elegant interior, well organized and tasteful variety of food in the buffet – what makes it a go to place for family and friends.

It’s a surprise, perhaps, that for Architect owners – spouses Edwin and Maricon Bautista and Catherine Pineda to venture in to a food business, who really don’t have a formal culinary experience but rather have a passion for food.

“It all started when we opened and saw the success of A Plus event venue, we thought to bring it out, to a more accessible location and venture in to restaurant business. We really gone through the process of coming up with a nice and unique concept from breakfast buffet, fine dining to lunch and dinner buffet restaurant, “ said Architect Edwin Bautista, Dwino’s co-owner.

He further shared that aside from offering discerning diners an exalted experience, Dwino’s also considers the nutritional value, taste and freshness of the food they serve.

One of the house specialties is a savory dish of Italian origin – Pizza, the dough is made from scratch and topped with tomatoes, luscious cheese, mushroom and peperoni and other ingredients. Another favorite is Pork Belly Lechon – slow roasted in the oven, super crispy skin and milky moist meat. Beef Caldareta is considered as one of the signature dishes, a beef stew with tomatoes, bell pepper, liver spread and cheese.

My personal favorite is the Seafood Chowder – a chunky creamy soup with assorted “real” seafood bits, indeed a hearty meal for me. To satisfy my sweet craving, Chocolate Truffle is my choice– a simple, straightforward dessert!

Dwino’s Restaurant serves lunch buffet (10 am to 2 pm) and dinner buffet (5 pm to 9 pm), Monday to Thursday at P 565 per head, Friday to Sunday at P 685 per head.

For reservation call 0933- 8171139 follow Facebook page @Dwino’s Restaurant.


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