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Alarms raised over Kalangitan landfill ‘violations’


CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – “Serious concerns” have been raised over several violations the Environmental Management Bureau in the region reportedly found in the operation of a landfill managed by the Metro Clark Waste Management Corp. (MCWMC) in Sitio Kalangitan in Capas, Tarlac. 

Green advocate Cecil Yumul said the “EMB should make sure that sanctions be imposed with impartiality” against any person or entity that violates laws that seek to protect and preserve the environment. 

From June 20 to 27 this year, it was reported that the EMB served three separate notices of violation against the MCWMC after inspections and tests confirmed that the landfill had committed infractions on certain provisions of various environmental codes. 

The June 20 notice of violation involved MCWMC’s failure to meet the maximum allowable limit for parameters on total suspended solids (TSS) and chemical oxygen demand in its water effluent; and, for allowing wastewater to seep through its final earthen lagoon. Both are unlawful based on RA 9275 or the Clean Water Act. 

Laboratory tests on water samples taken showed that MCWMC waste water contained 130 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of TSS and 125 mg/L of chemical oxygen demand, which are over the allowable limit of 100 mg/L for both parameters. Wilson Trajeco, EMB regional director, required MCWMC to submit a position paper within 15 days to explain why the firm should not be meted with a fine of P471,589.54, at most. 

Exactly a week later, on June 27, Trajeco issued two other notices to MCWMC—for allegedly accepting liquid, toxic, hazardous, and medical wastes into its landfill which is punishable with either fine or imprisonment, or both; and, for the firm’s failure to comply with the required slope ratio on its landfill design. 

Yumul, who hosts an environment advocacy program on radio and frequently talks in symposia on the environment, said the MCWMC violations are alarming and should be addressed immediately. 

She called on the EMB to also make public whatever the findings and investigations on MCWMC will lead to. 

“We do not know how long these violations have been going on so we cannot measure the negative effects these already have had to the environment and the health of the people around the landfill. What we are sure of is that we shall not rest until sanctions are imposed for this travesty to stop and for others to avoid committing them,” Yumul said. 

Punto! failed to connect with MCWMC for its side as of posting time. Any response from the company on the issues raised will be posted.  



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