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A Three-Day Getaway in Panglao


August 1, 2023, PHILIPPINES – August is fast approaching and within that month are two long weekends where travelers can squeeze in a respite from all the grind. It’s also the last set of long holidays until November, so it’s the best time to pack your bags and book your stays. But the question is: Where should you go?

According to search data from digital travel platform Agoda, Bohol is a destination capturing the interest of short-term stay travelers–ranking fourth behind popular travel destinations such as Manila, Cebu, and Boracay. Baguio City, a go-to road trip choice, rounds out the top five.

Most Searched Domestic Destinations on Agoda for August 2023

  1. Manila
  2. Cebu
  3. Boracay
  4. Bohol
  5. Baguio City

Popularly known for the Chocolate Hills and the floating restaurants that cruise the Loboc River, Bohol remains an underrated beach destination. One of the gems within the province is Panglao Island.

Filled with adventure-packed spots and serene beaches, it’s a destination waiting to be explored. Whether an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrilling cliff-jump or simply chasing a nice sunset, Panglao has something to offer that suit anyone’s travel whims. Here, Agoda shares a list of exciting things to do on a three-day stay on the island of Panglao.

Embark on an Island-Hopping Tour
What better way to explore a new destination than a hop around its islands? A five-to-six-hour boat ride navigates the serene coast and beaches surrounding Panglao including Balicasag Island, and Virgin Island (Pungtud).

Balicasag Island, located off the coast of Panglao is a gem for divers seeking the best view of its marine life including turtles and rich corals. If you’re lucky, the island also provides visitors with the opportunity to spot dolphins in the mornings. Meanwhile, the Virgin Island boasts a beautiful sandbar to explore.

The Villa Tomasa Alona Kew serves as a good base for travelers looking to explore Panglao. It is situated at the heart of Panglao’s tourist spots, but also offers an exceptional view of the Alona Beach. And because of facilities like a swimming pool, it’s a great spot for travelers to relax between activities.

Cliff-Dive for that Adrenaline Rush
Jumping off a diving board on a cliff with an amazing beach view? Yes, it’s possible in Panglao!
Thrill-seekers can experience this at Molave Cove, for only P50 via a five- to six-meter-high diving board. Those brave enough to take the leap into the crystal waters might see the spectacular sight of schools of sardines moving in harmony.

Uncover the Mysteries of Hinagdanan Cave
Explorer-types will find exploring the Hinagdanan Cave and its mysteries a fun way to spend time. The narrow passages matched with total darkness traversing the cave rewards travelers with a magnificent view of stalactite and stalagmite formations showcasing a different side of Panglao.

After all that spelunking, Solea Coast Resort Panglao can provide travelers the ideal recharging station. With its chill vibe and amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, poolside bar, and restaurants that serve sumptuous food, it’s a great spot to end a day spent exploring.

Visit the St. Augustine Church and Tower for a bit of History
The St. Augustine Church stands as Panglao’s oldest place of worship. Its construction started in 1894 but fully finished in the 1920s and its architecture is every bit Spanish-colonial with its grand posts and mural-filled ceilings. It’s a mix of art, history, and faith in one spot. Typical of Spanish-time structures, it is situated within a plaza as well as a watch tower, said to be one of tallest in the country during its time.

Explore the Shells of the World
Submerge into the enchanting world of seashells by visiting the Nova Shell Museum. One of the biggest shell collections in the world, it not only features local seashells but also displays rare shells from around the world. It provides a captivating and educational experience for nature enthusiasts. Explore how marine life finds its home within the shells and gain valuable insights into their ecological importance.

Travelers looking for unique-looking hotels to enjoy the sights of Pangalao can explore Molly Resort. With its modern wooden look with swimming pool that looks straight out of movie scene, and central location within Panglao, it offers travelers a picturesque accommodation to make their stay even more memorable.


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