A prophecy about the US


    A prophecy I came across some years ago said the United States’ economy would collapse not because of terrorism or war. Rather, by the ravages of nature.

    What we see now in the US seems to be affirming this prophecy whose medium I can’t now recall. But unprecedented extreme, antipodal weather in the US has been continuing rather unusually, so admit baffled experts themselves.

    This is not to mention the frequent fires, particularly on the Western coast. Those who sweep the internet know that modern-day unusual phenomena are not exclusive to the US.

    On top of unusual weather, strange noises that resemble the blowing of trumpets or beating of drums, sinkholes, unidentified lights in the skies, rivers turning into the color of blood, fowls falling dead from the sky, fish kills in large proportions are also being reported in various parts of the world.

    But aberrant weather seems especially more frequent and widespread in North America. At a certain time, I had told my loved ones living there to consider investing in a home they could go to in the Philippines, because it is likely that should the ravages cause economic collapse in the US, they’d again find refuge in the country they had left supposedly for good. I have yet to be taken seriously, though.

    Consider too the strange occurrences that raise shocked eyebrows: the lightning that struck the cross of the Vatican after Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI resigned and the birds of prey that attacked two doves released by two children flanking Pope Francis at the window of the Vatican.

    Again, no one can miss the explosion of Marian apparitions, some even caught in photos and videos. What to make of all of these? There is a growing sentiment that mankind is at the threshold of the Apocalypse. Perhaps, even past the threshold.

    And this is why it makes sense to shelve, even just once in a while, mundane concerns to lend ear to what Heaven itself is saying. So I have been humbly writing about messages from the Blessed Mother in her credible apparitions, particularly in Medjugorje.

    Suitably, this piece ends with the message of the Blessed Mother last July 25, in her latest Medjugorje apparition.

    She said: “Dear children! You are not aware of the graces that you are living at this time in which the Most High is giving you signs for you to open and convert. Return to God and to prayer, and may prayer begin to reign in your hearts, families and communities, so that the Holy Spirit may lead and inspire you to every day be more open to God’s will and to His plan for each of you. I am with you and with the saints and angels intercede for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


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