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4th billion-peso resort to rise in mountain town


BAGAC, Bataan — Another high-end resort will soon rise in this mountain town adjacent to the West Philippines Sea with the construction of the fourth, also registering investment of not less than a billion pesos, the municipal administrator said Monday.

Administrator Nicanor Ancheta said that Namin Hotels & Resorts is ready with the construction phase in Barangay Paysawan and will join three other world-class resorts that will turn Bagac as the center of tourism in Central Luzon.

The three are La Jolla (pronounced La Joya in Spanish) Hotel & Resorts, Rancho Bernardo and Woodland Hills Manor.

La Jolla has begun operating in the early part of 2018 in a 16.7-hectare rolling lands in Barangay Banawang. Rancho Bernardo started to operate January 2019 in a 15.3 hill in Barangay Ibis. Woodland Hills Manor has started construction and will soon operate in a 30-hectare hill, also in Ibis.

The three were all funded for not less than one billion pesos. All projects were made possible during the term of former Bagac Mayor Ramil del Rosario and son, Gabriel Louise del Rosario, present mayor.

Rancho Bernardo was developed by Golden Luck Consortium with the former Bagac mayor as president. La Jolla has Cresta de Oro Philippines as developer under Ronnie del Rosario, brother of the former mayor.

Another brother, Ronald del Rosario, operates the Woodland Hills Manor.

Namin Hotels & Resorts which is under Allure (Bataan) Building Corp. will be built in a 50-hectare land in Paysawan that will spread to the coastal villages of Quinawan and Binuangan, also in Bagac. Paysawan is about 10 kilometers from the Bagac poblacion.

“Namin Hotels has bigger area and investments and grander design with a hangar and marina,” Ancheta said.

He said it was divided into five zones. Under Zone 1 are the estate administration office, community services facility, guests’/drivers’ dormitory, cafeteria, visitors’ center, warehouse, hangar and loading zone. In Zone 2 are hotel development, ballroom and on-site parking. Zone 3 covers a rock bar and beach club, Zone 4 a chapel, and Zone 5 a marina.

“It will be a sort of high-end retirement village with retirees from Europe, Asia and America as market,” the municipal administrator said.


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