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Update on PBB housemates


ABS-CBN’sd reality show Pinoy Big Brother Otso announces its first set of nominees…

They are Jamie Salenga, Sky Quizon, and Mae Alfante. All three adult Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemates received the most nomination points from their fellow housemates.

Jamie received 13 points, the highest out of all the housemates. She got them from Sky, Mae, Gino Roque, Banjo Dangalan, Hasna Cabral, Kiara Takahashi, Diana Mackie, and Franki Russell. They nominated her because she was a liability in the past weekly task.

In the weekly task, the housemates were only given 80,000 seconds of sleep for the whole week. Jamie was assigned as a leader of this task, along with Argel Saycon.

In the beginning of the task, however, it was Jamie who first depleted their time. She was unable to fight off sleepiness and nodded off for a few seconds. The rest of the week was no different. Jamie works as a call center agent who is used to night shifts, but her fellow housemates had to watch her because she nodded off to sleep easily.

Thankfully, the housemates still won their weekly task because other housemates took the leadership position from Jamie. A lot of the work can be credited to Sky, who came up with a lot of plans for their predicament. He decided how much sleep they can have every night, and he also came up with the solution to use candies to count time at that moment when Big Brother hid the timer from them.

Unfortunately, Sky’s eagerness to lead landed him in the list of nominations. He got a total of five points from Akie Poblete, Jamie, and Argel. Akie found his leadership too intense. Jamie felt he did not consider her opinions, even if she was the real leader. This nomination was a surprise, because Jamie assured Sky multiple times that she is okay that he took over.

Argel, meanwhile, nominated Sky because he thought he’s a threat to win. Argel also gave the same reason when he nominated Gino, who became close to Sky during the task.

Sky and Gino were seen as the brains of the PBB house, and they came up with ways to defeat Big Brother. The two boys hit it off in the house because they have a lot in common. Both are notable in their own right: Sky, a summa cum laude from the University of the Philippines, and Gino, a successful businessman.

Since the two have similar interests, they grew close and even started sleeping together in the same bed. Viewers quickly saw a bromance brewing between the two. They even coined the term #GinSky for the two friends.

The last nominee was Mae, who received 10 nomination points from Gino, Akie, Banjo, Hasna, Kiara, Diana, and Wealand Ferrer. She was nominated because she prefered to sit alone in the house, instead of trying to converse with people.

In a conversation with Sky, Mae admitted that she would rather observe people than speak to them. Sky advised the 22-year-old dancer from Davao to build connections with her fellow housemates.

Three other housemates received nomination points, but these were not enough to get them officially nominated.

Banjo received a total four nomination points from Wealand, Jamie, and Franki. They called him out for his actions that make the girls feel awkward, like smelling the hair of the girls in the house. Jamie called him “bastos.”

Franki garnered a total of three points from Sky and Mae. They believed she was the weakest in the task.

And lastly, Gino got one point from Argel, as mentioned above.


Speaking of PBB, Banjo Dangalan has been removed from the Pinoy Big Brother Otso house. The Funny Fighter ng Quezon City was force evicted from the show after he joked about raping another PBB Otso housemate.

The incident happened while all the housemates were having breakfast. Banjo, who liked to crack jokes, started by talking about his sleeping situation with the boys.

There were limited beds in the boys room, so the housemates had to shared beds. Banjo slept with Akie Poblete, Gino Roque slept with Sky Quizon, and Wealand Ferrer slept with Argel Saycon.

On the dining table, Banjo questioned why Akie does not cuddle with him. The 27-year-old martial arts trainer moaned that the Gino-Sky and Wealand-Argel pairs hugged each other while sleeping, so he’s bummed that Akie does not do the same.

“Bro, nandidiri ka ba sa akin?” Banjo asked Akie.

Akie replied that he’s just not used to it. “Hindi ako sanay,” said the 24-yearold dancer from Italy.

But Banjo continued to tease him. “Takot ka ba sa lalaki bro? Hindi tayo talo, uy. Wala namang bakla sa atin.”

Then Banjo set his sights on another male housemate. He told Gino Roque, a 23-year-old businessman from Quezon City, that they should sleep together instead. Banjo proposed to switch beds with Sky so he can sexually harass Gino.

“Siguro masarap itong katabi sa pagtulog,” said Banjo. “Sky, tabi muna kayo [ni Akie]. Palit muna tayo. Pagsasamantalahan ko muna ito. Paggising nito wala na ‘tong saplot.”

Banjo then mimed how Gino would look tired and out of breath after he’s done with him.

Gino appeared to brush off the lewd joke by laughing, but the girls on the table appeared to look uncomfortable. Diana Mackie and Jamie Salenga were not laughing and looked dismayed by what they were hearing.

Big Brother viewed this incident seriously because it was only one instance of Banjo’s continued crude actions in the house. He was already warned from being vulgar, or being bastos, the night before he cracked his bad jokes over breakfast, but Banjo did not curb his behavior.

The initial warning had to do with Banjo’s habit of touching and smelling the hair of female housemates. This started on May 31.

When Sky asked Banjo why he was doing this, he replied that the scent of a woman’s hair makes him feel weak. He even wants to sleep while a woman’s hair is on his face.

The women initially thought Banjo was not serious, so they let him touch and smell their hair. Diana even joked back that Banjo should perhaps wear a wig so he can smell hair any time.

As the day went on, however, the girls started to feel uncomfortable. For example, Franki kept giving Banjo side eyes whenever he touched her hair and put it closer to his nose.

In a conversation with Sky and Kiara Takahashi, Jamie said Banjo’s behavior was alarming. Sky said he also said that he already told Banjo to avoid touching any woman’s hair without any permission. “Kailangan merong permission,” said Sky.

Kiara confirmed that Banjo did ask her if he can smell her hair.

But Big Brother did not approve of Banjo’s actions just the same, even if he was already asking for consent. That night, Kuya called Banjo to the confession room to warn him that he should stop his crude actions or he will face sanctions.

Banjo agreed, and he immediately gathered the girls to apologize after he got out of the confession room.

“Hindi ako nagte-take advantage sa inyo na mukha akong bastos, na inaamoy ko yung buhok niyo. Sorry. Promise hindi na ako mang-aano ng buhok,” he told the girls, who accepted his apology.

After the breakfast incident, Diana, Jamie and Franki went to the pool area to talk about what happened. They said Banjo made them feel uncomfortable.

Diana said she wouldn’t want to live with Banjo if she had a choice. “Naiilang talaga ako. Kaya sabi ko, kung hindi ko lang siya kailangang makasama sa bahay, hindi ko pipiliing makasama siya. Sobrang uncomfortable,” said the the 21-year-old model from Taguig.

Franki said she was relieved because she thought she was alone with this concern. “I thought I was being hypersensitive.”

Diana agreed. “Oh my god, same. That’s the reason why I didn’t say anything. Maybe it’s just me. Baka sabihin ang arte ko.”

Jamie added that she had felt bad vibes about Banjo even earlier. “If you’ve noticed I have not been okay lately. Really, even in the first week, I was not feeling well about this person and hindi ako mapalagay.”

The 27-year-old call center agent from Quezon City also thought Banjo might be capable of more worse actions, so she made sure to keep the other girls from him. Jamie said she always tagged along with Franki due to this. “I’m worried about you,” she told the 24-year-old model from New Zealand.

Later on, the three girls initiated a house meeting to talk to Banjo and the rest of the boys. They mentioned that they felt uncomfortable because of Banjo’s sex jokes.

Banjo was immediately apologetic for his behavior. He said sorry to the girls and to Gino.

Banjo’s apologies were not enough, however, because Big Brother called him into the confession room to announce the decision to remove him from the house.

Kuya chastised Banjo because he ignored the inital warning given to him.

“Banjo, nagkausap na tayo tungkol dito. At sinigurado mo sa akin, na hindi na ito mauulit. Ngunit Banjo, wala pang isang araw matapos tayo mag-usap, nagkaroon muli ng isang insidente.”

Kuya mentioned that Banjo broke the rules on giving respect to his fellow housemates. “Ang pananamantala sa kapwa, sa kahit anong konteksto, ay hindi dapat ginagawang biro. At kailanman ay hindi ko maaring palagpasin ang ganitong klaseng biro sa loob ng aking bahay. Malinaw rin na nakasaad sa aking rulebook na hindi kayo maaaring gumamit ng mga salitang nakakabastos sa inyong kapwa housemates.”

Because of that, Banjo had to exit the PBB house. “Banjo, dahil sa sunodsunod mong paglabag sa patakaran kong ito, humantong ako sa isang desisyon. Ikaw ay pinapatawan ko ng forced eviction.”

Banjo was in tears as he exited the confession room. He apologized once again while packing his stuff and he exited the house after several tearful goodbyes with his fellow housemates.


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