‘Unfinished business’ drives Blueboy’s comeback bid


    Oasis Forum. Comebacking congressman Francis "Blueboy" Nepomuceno is all smiles after  a luncheon discussion with members of the Pampanga media at Maranao Restaurant in Oasis Hotel in Angeles City.

    Contributed photo

    ANGELES CITY– Former congressman Francis “Blueboy” Nepomuceno said he is on the comeback trail to attend to some unfinished business to help alleviate the plight of his constituents in Pampanga’s first congressional district.

    Nepomuceno said among these is the conversion of the Pampanga Agricultural College (PAC) into a state university which has already been passed on third reading in the Senate.

    He also vowed to prioritize the construction of farm-to-market roads in Magalang and Mabalacat City as well as continue to provide irrigation and post-harvest facilities to farmers in the first district.

    “Agriculture, housing and education will be prioritized under my term,” Nepomuceno said during a meeting with mediamen at the Oasis Hotel here last Friday.

    He explained that if the cost of production of farmers will be greatly reduced with improved farm-to-market roads, better irrigation systems and enough post-harvest facilities like dryers and hand tractors, the market prices will be lessened, thus benefitting the consumers.

    Nepomuceno said he will also continue distributing carabaos, hybrid goats and cows for propagation through the Department of Agriculture’s livestock dispersal program.

    Nepumuceno also said that scholarship programs will be sustained as well as increased funding for mass housing programs.

    Meanwhile, Nepomuceno said cited some of his accomplishments which provided much relief to residents of the first district like the completion of the Pulung Maragul-Pandan Bridge in 1999 and the construction of the Hensonville Bridge in 2001.

    The Pulung Maragul-Pandan Bridge connects this city to the North Luzon Expressway and to the towns of Magalang and Arayat. Hensonville, on the other hand, connects links the downtown area to the western portion of the city.

     ”Without the vital bridges, the movement of transport system and goods to and from Manila will be affected.

    The two bridges accelerated rehabilitation efforts in Angeles City following the destructive eruptions of Mt. Pinatubo,”  Nepomuceno said.


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