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Two Kapampangan talents make it in Idol Philippines


MATTY JUNIOSA and Rachel May Libres are the first two finalists to get eliminated from ABS-CBN’s Idol Philippines.

The results were announced today, June 30, during the first elimination round of Idol Philippines.

Finalist Elle Ocampo from Pampanga was also included in the bottom three, along with Matty and Rachel.

This was based on 50 percent of the scores given by the judges, composed of Regine Velasquez, Vice Ganda, Moira dela Torre, and James Reid.

The other 50 percent came from viewers’s votes via SMS and Google voting.

For their first live show, the Top 12 finalists performed songs of OPM icon and National Artist Ryan Cayabyab, who personally mentored each of the finalists for their performances.

For next week’s live round, the 10 remaining finalists will perform hits by Erik Santos and Yeng Constantino.

The 10 remaining finalists are: Lance Busa, Trish Bonilla, Lucas Garcia, Elle Ocampo, Dan Ombao, Sheland Faelnar, Renwick Benito also from Pampanga, Fatima Louise, Zephanie Dimaranan, and Miguel Odon.

At the end of the episode, the final tally of votes was shown.

Zephanie Dimaranan got the highest number of votes with 99.75%, while Matty Juniosa got the lowest number with 50.5%. Rachel got the second lowest number of votes with 50.52%.

Here is the final tally of votes:
1. Zephanie Dimaranan 99.75%
2. Dan Ombao 83.73%
3. Lucas Garcia 71.85%
4. Fatima Louise 66.2%
5. Miguel Odon 63.73%
6. Sheland Faelnar 60.67%
7. Lance Busa 56.61%
8. Trish Bonilla 55.38%
9. Renwick Benito 53.41%
10. Elle Ocampo 51.81%
11. Rachel Libres 50.52%
12. Matty Juniosa 50.5%


SIX STARSTRUCK 7 finalists will be given a second chance to be part of the Final 14: Radson Flores, Maynard Fullido, Marc David, Janelle Lewis, Crystal Paras, and Kyle Lucasan.

The Final 14 hopefuls are still complete because this week was declared as a non-elimination round for the finalists. This week, the hopefuls faced their first artista test with GMA-7 director Mark Reyes.

The boys and girls were tasked to do their first acting test.

They all shared scenes with graduates of past StarStruck seasons.

The hopefuls also performed a song or dance number in front of the StarStruck council composed of Heart Evangelista, Jose Manalo, and Cherie Gil.

The StarStruck pairs for the week were: Kim de Leon & Dani Porter, Shayne Sava & Abdul Raman, Angelic Guzman & Karl Aquino, Rere Madrid & Allen Ansay, Pamela Prinster & Jeremy Subido, Ella Cristofani & Gelo Alagban, and Lexi Gonzales & Jerick Dolormente.

Even though they performed in pairs, they were still scored by the judges individually.

After each performance, StarStruck host Jennylyn Mercado announced each of the finalists’s total score, with 50 percent coming from the judges’s scores, and 50 percent coming from audience votes.

In the elimination round, no bottom group was announced, but since Lexi and Jerick were the last to perform, they were asked to remain on stage.

Karl, who got the lowest score among those who already performed, was also called on stage.

In the end, no one was eliminated.

Because no one was eliminated this week, one boy and one girl are expected to get eliminated during the July 6-7 StarStruck weekend.

During the June 29 episode, Jennylyn dropped hints about the first twist of StarStruck 7, which was called the Second Chance Challenge.

In the June 30 episode, she explained that in the Second Chance Challenge, six StarStruck hopefuls who did not make it to the final auditions of the Top 22 round will be given another chance to be part of the Final 14.

At the end of the challenge, one boy and one girl will be allowed to enter the Final 14 and will replace the first two Avengers of StarStruck Season 7.

The six hopefuls who may get a second chance are: Radson Flores, Maynard Fullido, Marc David, Janelle Lewis, Kyle Lucasan, and Crystal Paras.

The StarStruck council members were clueless about this twist.

As a result, Cherie Gil got teary-eyed as she pointed out that everyone deserves a second chance.

The veteran actress was overjoyed to see the six finalists who were part of the Top 22.

For the Second Chance Challenge, the six second chance hopefuls are not yet included in the public voting, and only the StarStruck council will decide who will enter the Final 14.


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