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The wood dragon forecast 2024


WHILE THE powerful yet gentle dragon prepares himself to dazzle everyone with its captivating charm and daring stunts for the Chinese New Year on February 10, 2024, brace yourselves.

The dragon is a symbol of honor, luck, power, wealth, strength, and vitality. No wonder, in the opening of businesses specifically of Chinese industries – a dragon dance is performed. An act to scare away negative spirits, invite auspicious forces in the space to gain great fortune and success.

Endowed with “yang” (male) element. Expect those who were born under the year of the dragon to run a grand scale show. These personalities are naturally gifted with unwavering courage, confidence, charisma, wit, intelligence, and a tremendous energy. They have an incredible bravery, superlative ego, and are unstoppable. 

In 2024, the wood dragon takes the spotlight. Innovative projects, exploration of new opportunities, shifting of career, starting a new enterprise, self-transformation are promising and supported by our charming reliable friend – dragon. More so, harmony in family, relations, meeting new friends, will smoothly transpire.

It is also advised to prioritize self-care. For the indefatigable beast might exhaust the “chi” out of you. 

Those who were born under the year of the rat, monkey, rooster, rabbit, goat, and pig are the luckily favored. Financial increase, business growth, new acquaintances that lead to golden chances, fame, are some of the magnificent rewards of the generous wood dragon. While those who were born in the year of the ox, horse, dog, tiger, snake might find setbacks in finance, job and relationships. Followed suit by more challenges in the department of physical health and mental wellness.

Though it is fascinating to know about the Chinese astrology forecast. Be guided that we shouldn’t rely on the predictions. After all, it is you who decides to which direction you want your ship to sail on.



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