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The power giver spots


TAKING ME to the power spots in different regions in Japan is one of the many things I am forever grateful for to my Japanese healer family. I was so fortunate that I was able to visit so many because of them and for the education on their significance.

Ever since I knew about the worth of the event, I set aside a few days to visit some more of these divine sites after my work in Japan, their settings usually found in secluded areas. Either in the deep seat of enthralling forests or on top of captivating mountains. Though few are present in the cities.

Each time I come to these marvelous sites – it gives a unique insightful experience. Over and above, a quiet private moment with myself. The indulgence to sit still in mystical silence not minding the passing time.  A spell I always look forward to every time.

While Japan is known for its marvelous scenic natural beauty, fascinating fashion, wonderful shopping stores, and heavenly degustation, power spots tour is hardly in the itinerary of most visitors.

How come? It is not in the tradition and culture of the Japanese to talk about their spiritual practices. Hence, they are very reserved on their personal matter. They don’t highlight to tourists that some of their shrines, temples and mountains are power givers. Perhaps, in honor of these places’ sacredness. Can you just imagine what happens if the word spreads out?

“The incredible benefit of stepping into the power spots is not only in a personal level but rather transcends to everything connected to you,” shared Miyuki-san, my dearest Japanese friend. “Since we were young, during holidays, my parents will take us to some of the best dynamic Shinto shrines (place of the gods). Generally, they are located far from the city. After we make our wishes, we go home happier, as if something heavy was lifted.”

These places which pulsate great heights are believed to possess heavenly powers that could bring great luck, physical healing, prosperity, career success, mental peace, strength, purification, spiritual wisdom to its guests and bring forth whatever was wished for.

Each venue is guarded by a specific kami (god). In the shrines, kami idols are placed inside a wooden box. This, to avoid disturbing the resting deity, according to my Shinto priest friend, Kazama sensei. No wonder the Japanese clap their hands twice and bow deeply first before they start their intentions. He commented further that even just standing alone in these highly powered spots is enough to gain fortune and blessings from the deities.

The notable power spots in Japan are Mount Fuji, Mount Aso, Meiji Jingu temple, Yakushima shrine, Nikko Toshogu shrine, Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine, Ise Jingu shrine, Kurama-dera Temple, Suwa Taisha shrine, and Okunoin shrine.

Power spots can also be found in other parts of the world. In the Philippines, Mount Banahaw is acknowledged as the most powerful site. Elsewhere in the world are Paro Taktsang in Bhutan, Mount Kailash in Tibet, Pashupatinath in Nepal, The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Varanasi in India, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Machu Picchu in Peru, Wat Rong Khun in Thailand, and many others.

Now that you know the virtue of visiting an intense spot. Isn’t it delightful to consider it in your 2024 bucket list to power up?



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