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DPWH completes modern evacuation center in Baler

The Department of Public Works and Highways completes a 543.2-square meter, two-storey modern evacuation center at barangay Suklayin in Baler, Aurora. (DPWH)

BALER, Aurora (PIA) — Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) completed a two-storey modern evacuation center in Baler, Aurora.

The 543.2-square meter facility is located in barangay Suklayin.

DPWH Aurora District Engineer Roderick Andal said a total of P9.64 million from the 2023 national budget was allocated for the construction of the infrastructure.

It features an open area with a capacity of 60 double-deck beds, as well as separate rooms used as pantry, storage, and housing for the generator set.

The evacuation center also has a laundry area, six showers, and six separate toilet rooms for men and women, with a designated restroom facility for persons with disabilities.

“We intend to build more evacuation centers here in Aurora, where residents can seek shelter during disasters and other emergency situations. We also aim to provide facilities that are convenient and comfortable for their stay,” Andal stated.

Considering the susceptibility of several coastal towns in Baler to storm surges, residents may need temporary shelters, as highlighted in May 2023 when Typhoon Betty led to home losses, compelling some to evacuate for safety.

“Beyond serving as an emergency evacuation center, this building will also function as a barangay hall where local officials can efficiently perform their daily duties,” Andal added.

The designated office space for barangay officials within the facility comprises nine rooms for kagawads, one for the punong barangay, a session hall, an open lobby, and a holding area. (MJSC/CLJD-PIA 3)


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