The Medical City Clark now ready for APEC, CIA


    READY TO CARE. The Medical City-Clark, the region’s most modern health care facility and one of the country’s   best, stands majestic and ready to serve. Photo by Bong Lacson

    CLARK FREEPORT – The Medical City-Clark (TMCC) is  now ready to be one of the primary recipient hospitals for  theupcoming Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) in  this freeport. Evelyn “Ebong” Luciano-  Yumul,  TMCC sales and  marketing director, said TMCC will be fully operational by January  but will start with  an initial  100-bed capacity from its full capacity of 150. 

    According to Yumul, there will be an estimated 200   personnel  for the TMCC, excluding  doctors. During a tour of the hospital  on Thursday, Yumul showed reporters the  different facilities  and equipment of TMCC.

    Yumul said TMCC is classified  as a Level 2 hospital by the Department   of Health (DOH) even if its capability is  already a Level 3 hospital.“Capability is Level 3 but in so far as  technicalities are concerned it is Level 2,” Yumul said. 

    She explained that a Level 3 hospital requires a residency  program and the TMCC has so far not partnered with any medical school that’s why it is classified as Level 2. Yumul said by January,  TMCC will also be opened to patients in  the region but the grand launching will be in  March. “We will first give way  to APEC in January and in February we will have  the hot air balloon event,” she said. 

    Meanwhile, Yumul  said the TMCC is also slated to be the trauma  center for the Clark International Airport       (CIA) not only because of its location  but also because of its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. She  said the  TMCC Burn Unitis also the only one of its  kind in the region. Yumul said TMCC  has a 128-slice CT scan, the first  and only one in  the region.

    CT scan or computerized tomography combines a series of  X-ray views taken from  many different angles  and computer processing to create cross-sectional images of the  bones and soft tissues inside the human body.

    Yumul said another high-end medical equipment  of TMCC is the 1.5 Tesla Magnetic  Resonance Imaging or MRI. Tesla is the unit of measurement  quantifying the  strength of a magneticfield. She said   all TMCC X-rays are fully digital  including the portable X-ray.

    All these combined, according to Yumul, makes TMCC   a modern medical facility. Dr. Cenon Alfonso is  TMCC’s chief   executive officer. 


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