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The heat is on


WHILE I love to bask under the gaze of the nourishing sun, the 32-C degrees temperature is too much for my body to bear. According to my derma friend, sun rays can damage your skin severely if constant exposure without UV protection is practiced. You might not feel any burning sensation on the regular exposure, but within the skin, premature aging – called photoaging – might be transpiring which can lead to skin cancer.

Aside from the skin injury, warm weather affects serious health problems, like hypertension. It causes the heart to beat faster, more blood circulating that overwhelms the heart to work further than during a normal day.

Heat stroke is another dangerous condition to watch for in this height of the summer. Seizure, mental confusion, dizziness, headache, are some of the alarming symptoms one should be aware of.

Long sleeves shirt with light natural fabric, long loose pants or skirt, is the wear I learned from my Japanese friends, when the scorching fiery surya (sun) takes the stage. Accompanied by continuous hydration of mineral water or fresh coconut juice – that priceless refreshment that other countries envy us for.

Staying in shaded cooler areas with good ventilation or indoor with air conditioner, plenty of liquid intake, a cold compress application on the nape and forehead when uncomfortable warmth strikes the body or on the onset suspicion of high blood pressure are effective and safe precautionary measures anyone can execute to prevent major function issues.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the ideal foods this season, for their cooling and refreshing effect. More so, this kind of sustenance is easy to digest, contains a lot of minerals and antioxidants, boosts immunity – and significantly handy, especially in the course of the humid period.

Alcohol consumption, spicy, fried and salty foods, tea and coffee, any meat, should be avoided to help your system stay hydrated and move effortlessly without obstruction.




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