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The charm of new ways to look at classics


DECADENTLY RICH yema cake, ube roll and moist chocolate square – I
gorged deep in the holy grail of Edna’s Cakeland and it was glorious, at
every bite. This particular encounter illustrates the bakeshop’s uniqueness.
Consistency, homeyness, and creativity make a rich fare for diners. The
delight of keeping with the familiar and creating new specialties make the
regulars keep coming back for more, more, more…

The enterprise started on October 10, 1994 when Edna Gonzales put up a
home-based bakeshop in Kapitan Pepe, Cabanatuan City. The inspiration
according to Edna’s daughter Anna was her mom’s love for food, passion
for baking and cooking, and purpose of helping others – all melding to the
delightful success of Edna’s Cakeland. She said that their family really loves
gather together – and eat. Thence, classic recipes from the family table
found their way to Edna’s Cakeland, the restaurant, bakeshop and café.
Over the years, it has captured a great dining population not only in
Cabanatuan City but the nearby provinces as well.

“We’ve noticed that we have many regulars from Pampanga who either
dine-in or buy some goodies for to go. Most of these customers would
suggest why don’t we open a branch in Pampanga. When opportunity
came, we grabbed it right away and opened our first branch on July 16 last
year, at Sto. Rosario, Angeles City,” shared Anna.

Exactly one year after the opening, Edna’s Cakeland Angeles looks back at
how the Kapampangan diners’ food preferences and eating habits have
drastically evolved. Customers demand for innovative and inspiring dishes
have soared to new heights.

“Considering the Kapampangan’s distinct taste, this branch is equipped to
attract them with goodness and Cabanatuan’s pride that they will surely
love. We observe, listen and adjust to make sure that we serve what they
really want,” Anna said.

New refreshing look, new café experience with a taste of specialty coffee,
and improved hot meals menu — all these to capture even the most
discriminating taste buds of more local diners. On the side – outstanding
customer service from the staff who have evolved friendships with the
regular customers.

It’s the love, passion and purpose — essential Edna’s Cakeland blissful
charm, which once experienced makers one and all come back for more.
Edna’s Cakeland Angeles branch is located in Plaza Rafael II, 151-D Sto.
Rosario St., Sto. Domingo, Angeles City, 0917-8858845

Edna’s Cakeland Cabanatuan branch is located in Don Manuel Avenue,
Kapitan Pepe Subd. Cabanatuan City, (044) 9589673, follow Facebook page
at Edna’s Cakeland

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