The Best Comes To Those Who Wait…


    Randolph Manuguid and Nina Pinlac knew each other from way back when they were in their teens. They both attended secondary school at Sacred Heart Academy in Guagua (now St. Mary’s Academy). But after high school their paths never crossed again. It was as if God wanted them to grow first before putting them back together. Eventually, as if predestined, they did meet again.

    In early 2008, Nina met Randolph again through Friendster. Randolph actually didn’t recognized Nina’s profile picture. Amusingly to Nina, he sent her a private message, saying “Hi! By the way, I’m Randolph”. Flabbergasted Nina replied, “Are you crazy? Of course I know you! That’s why I added you to my account”. From that day, they never stopped texting, chatting via yahoo messenger and eventually they started formally dating. 

    This wasn’t easy for the couple. Nina worked as a nurse in the University of Santo Tomas Hospital in Manila and Randolph was based in Pampanga. They both had to adjust their busy schedules to accommodate each other. Then Randolph started asking Nina to marry him all the time.

    In 2009, Nina got pregnant and marriage popped in Randolph’s mind again. But Nina decided not to get married until after the baby was born. Their relationship went through a lot of ups and downs. Nina had a difficult pregnancy and their baby was born way too early, hence was quite sickly. That alone was a terrific struggle on the part of the two. Then to aggravate the situation Nina had to leave for Canada in August 2009, so once again their wedding plans were put aside.

    Their relationship became long distance. But thanks to Skype and other modern technological miracles, their relationship survived. It was funny though that Randolph had not yet said anything about a formal proposal, but they had already decided to have a civil marriage by January 2011 though both of our parents wanted a church wedding.

    The Proposal

    When Nina finally came home, she hoped that Randolph would make a formal proposal. Impatiently she waited but nothing happened, Nina gave him the cold shoulder treatment saying, “I really thought he had no plans of putting an engagement ring on my finger. Then it started to annoy me more when he kept on putting an invisible ring on my finger all the time.” The bride revealed.

    A few days before the wedding, Randolph grabbed her hand again so she coldly told him she would not push through with the wedding if he kept on putting an invisible ring on her finger. At that time they were at the parking lot of Marquee Mall, and then he shocked her when he put a real ring on her finger. She was really surprised and happy. Then he told her, “Kasal tana king Wednesday ne?”

    Wedding Planning

    The first person who Nina contacted was me and I got the Events and Concepts Team geared up for this special wedding. This was just a week before Christmas. She asked for help for their wedding. She sent me an email with the title, HELP! Nina even forgot that she didn’t even mention what help she needed exactly. She just realized then the enormous requirements that were needed for a church wedding especially in St.James Parish Church in Betis, Guagua.

    With barely six weeks of planning a church wedding, it was quite a struggle. All the transactions were made online. Nina and Randolph actually wanted an early morning wedding, but I made Nina realized just how difficult it would be for her, Randolph and everyone.

    The Dream Team

    Randolph did food tasting with a few of the caterers Nina inquired within Pampanga. Being very feisty with food, he was not impressed. Nina asked help from her W@W (Weddings@Work) friends, and they recommended K by Cunanan Catering. The staff were very accommodating. Randolph told me that we will just book with them, and he was happy with their food at the reception at the Pineda residence garden (a relative of the groom from San Fernando)

    The gown Nina designed it herself, and then asked Imelda Lansang of Santa Rita to sew it for her. It was nothing fancy, the bride said, but just it was the way I wanted it to be. Randolph’s barong came from Onesimus. Nina’s hair styling and make up was fabulously done by image stylish Francois Roxas. The flowers of the entourage were created by the talented Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila. Their chosen photographer was Paolo Feliciano complimented by an auxiliary photographer, J Lucas Reyes. For their videographer they chose the artistic Chug Cadiogan. The couple made sure they got the very best for their photo and video as they said this was the only thing aside from the rings that they would have years after. Invitation design was by Amber Manuguid and this was printed by Adworks. The souvenirs given out during the wedding were Rachibelli wines, wine chocolates, ferrero dark chocolates and items from Bath and Body Works. This was complemented with instant souvenir photos provided by Photomatic Photobooth. The wedding cakes ( yes cakes because she had 3) were  masterpieces of Lailen’s Cakes and Pastries by Lai Mangio-Manalang.

    During the wedding day Nina wore three pairs of shoes too. One pair was a royal blue Manolo Blahnik,  a pair of dainty beige Jimmy Choo’s and her favourite yellow Lacoste pair she practically wore down. Nina’s love for shoes was also evident on her wedding cake as one of the three wedding cakes she had was topped with a replica of her Manolo Blahnik.

    The bride’s parents, Edwin Pinlac and Thelma Pinlac together with the groom’s parents, Carmelino Manuguid and Virginia Manuguid thoroughly enjoyed the wedding. Their principal sponsors and entire entourage had so much fun with everything the couple prepared. This was evident with the releasing of the Sky Lanterns at the end of that night. Congratulations Nina and Randolph!

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