Home Headlines Taters, the Best Entertainment Snack arrives in SM Tarlac

Taters, the Best Entertainment Snack arrives in SM Tarlac


Barkada bonding, family get-together, binge watching, and kdrama marathon – moments to live for – are now made extra poppin’ special with your favorite popcorn from Taters. Known for its flavorful Superpop, Taters is now serving at Level 2 of SM City Tarlac.

Taters serves the following favorite snacks in town, namely Superpop (US kernels popped and flavored into perfection), Tortilla chips (thin and crispy Taters flavored corn chips) and Tofu Chips (large cut, protein rich, flavored tofu chips enriched with sesame seeds). Catch the four flavors which are Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream & Chives, Texan BBq, and White Cheddar and see which one you like most. Not only that, you may also add melted butter for that deliciously perfect taste.

Packed in a resealable pouch and sealed twice to ensure freshness, the shelf life is 4 weeks if unopened. True to its promise, Taters is the town’s leading entertainment snack.


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