Super Dads

    Even before the last May elections, my clients and friends who are mostly foreigners and based in Angeles City expressed their concerns about the unabated and unsolved killings in this city.  The former mayor of the City of Friendship was not even heard on how he would maintain peace and order in this city. Murders remain unsolved. Suspects are not even identified.

    I thought that the killings would remain unsolved and would continue even after the assumption of Mayor Ed Pamintuan. I was wrong. The good mayor immediately gave marching orders (just like P-Noy) to solve the crimes.

    Specifically, the arrest of the suspect Mark Dizon (accused of killing several foreigners and their Filipino partners in separate incidents in a span of one month) gives a clear impression that Mayor EdPam is sincere in his crusade to bring justice to the victims.

    It should be noted that the suspect remained at large despite the issuance of a warrant of arrest against him by a Regional Trial Court in this city way back in 2005. Despite his visibility, the Angeles City Police Warrant Section slept on their job and waited for the murders to happen before intensifying their goal to arrest this suspect.

    In fact, he was able to maintain a Facebook account. Had it not for the straight and serious order of Mayor EdPam, the police would not have moved. This Super Dad should be congratulated for a job well done.

    The same goes to the father of Mark Dizon who cooperated with the police for the arrest of his son in San Fernando City, La Union. He should be emulated by all parents and relatives respecting due process and the law.

    The parents’ cooperation with the police in bringing their children under the folds of the law is two-fold: it will give their children due process and the right to be heard and defend themselves from the accusations; and it may result to corrective measures that would give the children their second lease in life. 

    The arrest of Mark Dizon also brought peace in Angeles City to the extent that people no longer worry that they might be the next victim of an alleged serial killer. 

    Parents who continue to pamper and protect their erring children should wake up. No one should get away with the law. And if we believe that our children are innocent, it is better to bring them to justice to prove their innocence. Incarceration in jail to await trial is much better than becoming a fugitive. 

    To these two Angeles City super dads, I take off my hat! Continue doing good deeds.


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