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Strange urge to spread the Warning messages


YES, I feel the urge these days to zero in on the prophesied Miracle, as this will be the first of three Marian prophecies to happen, followed by the Miracle and, conditionally, the Chastisement.

Just like many other researchers on supernatural mysticism and regardless of whether there’s logical explanation to off er, I feel most inclined to spread revelations about the Warning, in tandem with the feeling that people all over the world should at least hear about them. Now.

Some messages from Heaven are rather explicit about the urgency of bracing for the Warning. Jesus was reported to have told mystic Luz de María de Bonilla as follows: “My Mother has announced throughout the whole world and across time what is now on the horizon.”

To Luz, the Blessed Mother also said on March 3, 201: “How close to this generation is to the Warning! And how many of you do not even know what the Warning is! In these times, my faithful instruments and my prophet [Luz de María] are mocked by those who consider themselves scholars of spirituality, by those who reach millions of souls through means of mass communication. They are misleading them and hiding the truth because I [Mary] am the One revealing the will of the Trinity, the will of the Trinity already expressed in all of my apparitions, starting from long ago.” . . .

Then more explicitly on July 15, 2019, Michael the Archangel told Luz: , “This is the generation that will experience the great act of Divine Mercy: THE WARNING. . .”

And then there’s Canadian mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue (not to be confused with Fr. Michael Rodriguez. Note that the mystic has neither S nor Z in his surname), who claimed to have been communicating with God the Father since he was merely three years old. Last year, he told an audience in the US: “You know that you are already blessed because you are being made aware. Why do you think that God has chosen you to be here? Because you have a mission. When you go out, when you return to your home, you will feel something on your shoulder. What is it? The burden of Jesus, which is the mission of the Lord. If He is making you aware now of what will happen, it is because people will come back from their mystical experience of meeting God, searching for help, not knowing what to do. Some will be afraid; others will be in shock. You have been chosen for this time to help guide these people into the Catholic Church to receive the Good News of Jesus.”

He was apparently referring to the Warning.

At Heede, in 1945, Jesus spoke with great force: “Humanity has not listened to My Holy Mother, who appeared at Fatima to urge mankind to do penance. Now I, Myself, have come to warn the world in this last hour: the times are serious! May people finally do penance for their sins; may they turn away with all their heart from evil and pray, pray much, in order to calm the indignation of God. May they often recite the Holy Rosary, in particular: this prayer is powerful with God. Less entertainments and amusements! I am very near.”

That was half a century ago. It is said that God has been delaying the dire prophecies to give as many humans as possible the chance to be spiritually saved.

Mystic Elizabeth Kindelmann quoted Jesus as telling her: “Before the difficult times are upon you, prepare yourselves for the vocation I have called you to by renewed tenacity and a firm decision. You must not be lazy, uninterested, and indifferent because the great storm is brewing just ahead. Its gusts will carry away indifferent souls consumed by laziness. Only those souls with a genuine vocation will survive.”

On March 19, 1966, St. Joseph, appeared to Janie Garza to tell her how we should prepare for the Warning: “Pray, my little one, pray. Remain faithful to all that the Holy Spirit directs you to do. Act in everything that Most Holy Mary is calling you to. Be a strong messenger of living her messages of peace, prayer, Holy Mass, fasting, conversion, and reading Holy Scripture. Do this as a family. Do not reject God’s Most Holy Name so that He will not reject you. Decide to be a holy family, to pray together, to love, and to forgive one another. This is a time of decision for all of God’s children. Live as God’s people, leading good, simple and just lives. Open your hearts to God’s love and mercy. Every family must consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to my intercession and protection, that We may lead you closer to God. We will prepare you for the things to come. Live as children of the Lord, and you will live through all these troubled times. . . Do not fear anything, but abandon yourself to the Holy Spirit who will help you to do the Holy Will of God.”

In 1977, the visionaries at Garabandal, Spain were asked how to prepare for the Warning. Conchita, one of the seers, replied: “We must always be prepared with our souls in peace and not tie ourselves down so much to this world. Instead, we must think very often that we are here to go to heaven and to be saints.”

Another Garabandal visionary Mari Loli, who passed away a few years ago, urged us “to do much penance, make sacrifices, visit the Blessed Sacrament every day that we are able to, and to pray the Holy Rosary daily.”

God the Father, through mystic Matthew Kelly said on June 5, 1993: “Poor souls, all of you, robbed of the knowledge of My love. Be ready for this judgment of Mine. . . Now do you see how important these times are? Don’t wait for this Mini-Judgment. You must start to look at yourselves more closely so that you can see your faults and repent. You are fortunate to have the faith needed to read, believe, and accept this message. You must not go away indifferent to it. You must examine yourself more every day and pray in reparation. All of you, be like the blind man. Each day you should cry, ‘Lord, open my eyes,’ and My Son will open your eyes so that you can see your wretchedness and repent. Pray now more than ever, and remember the world’s standards are a false indication of My justice. I am your God, and while I am perfectly merciful to those who repent, I am perfectly just to those who do not. Many people think that I, your God, won’t mind. ‘It’s only little,’ they say. But it’s not a matter of minding. I want people to love Me. Love respects little things, as well as the big things; and in most cases, these little things are not so little.”


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