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Sow understanding not fear


WHAT YE sow, shall ye reap.

No, Vice President Leni Robredo did not quote the biblical text but she said as much calling out the government to take more of a public health approach to the coronavirus pandemic rather than sowing fear among the populace through military show of force.

“I saw pictures of Cebu yesterday and ‘yung nakita ko military.  Parang hindi siya magandang visualization for the people na this is a health pandemic bakit may mga tangke sa daan? said Robredo in an interview on ABS-CBN News Channels Headstart.

“Secretary [Delfin] Lorenzana, Secretary [Carlito] Galvez are very effective managers, pero people should understand for them to cooperate na ito, hindi ito takutan eh,” the Vice President said referencing to the national defense secretary and the chief implementer of the Philippines Declared National Policy Against Covid-19, both military men.

“Ang problema ko dito pag nakita na ng mga tao ang tangke, ano ba to giyera? Ang giyera natin dito against Covid-19, and hindi ito nadadaan sa pag-sow ng fear among the constituency,” she lamented.

Robredo would rather government focus on having the people understand that governance is a shared responsibility.

“Ako personally, I have faith na if people understand why we need to do this, if people understand that they have a stake, they have a responsibility, that governance is a shared responsibility, mas magiging cooperative sila rather than tinatakot, Robredo said.

Alas, Madame VP, this government does not share your faith in the understanding of the people. Steeped as its implementers are in Machiavellis admonition to his Prince It is better for a ruler to be feared than loved. As indeed, a tyrant who is feared is less likely to be overthrown.

Or have you not, Madame, heard of the President – amid this pandemic saying he intended, in the coming days, to go around the country to visit militarcamps?


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