SoKor’s most wanted collared in Angeles City


    CLARK FREEPORT – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) here has confirmed the arrest of South Korea’s most wanted criminal in Angeles City.

    The suspect was identified as Cho Yangeun, 62. He was arrested in his alleged hideout in Angeles yesterday by virtue of a warrant of arrest issued by the Seoul Central District Court. Cho is reportedly the head of the Korean mafia involved in high-profile crimes like fraud, extortion as well as threat and intimidation against
    his compatriots in the Philippines.

    Cho’s passport was cancelled by the South Korean government on March 30, 2012. The Korea Times describe
    Cho as one of the leaders of the two big-gest organized crime syndicates in South Korea. Cho founded the
    Yangeuni Family in 1978 and once made it as the biggest gang in Korea.

    Before hiding in Angeles City, the Korean police were hot on his  trail for his alleged involvement in a financial
    scam. The Korea Times also said the gang set up companies to invest in construction, leisure, hotels and financing and even engage in contracts with public agencies.

    “They do business with legally-obtained licenses. The difference is that they sometimes use violence and blackmail people to expand their business,” a Korean police officer said.

    “Previously, the biggest income sources for Cho were nightclubs, bars, karaoke rooms and massage parlors where prostitution also took place. They extorted money from such businesses under the pretext of protecting them from other rings and sometimes ran their own store,” according to the Korea Times.


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