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SM Cinema Olongapo Central takes the movie-watching experience up a notch


MOVIEGOERS at SM Olongapo Central in Olongapo City can catch the latest movies like never before as SM Cinema opens its 65th branch in the country on Thursday, September 13.

From comfier seats to laser sharp images to better sound quality, the six 2D cinemas are equipped with state-of-the-art theater technology.

The SM Cinema Olongapo Central branch (SMOC) is at the forefront in terms of the brand’s new design and theater technology according to Ruby Ann O. Reyes, vice president for Corporate Marketing of SM Cinema.

“SM Cinema Olongapo Central (SMOC) is our 65th branch and we can consider it as an archetype of both our redeveloped and soon-to-open regular cinemas. It is in the forefront in terms of visual, audio and seating facilities,” said Reyes.

Moviegoers can now be be carried away with a rom-com, horror flick or catch the latest action blockbuster as SM Cinema bring them the ultimate cinematic experience. The SM Olongapo Central theaters are ready to bring a cinema experience like no-other to its customers from its lobby’s with crisp and clean Scandinavian-inspired lounge to its state-of-the-art theater technology to enjoyable munchies provided by Snack Time.

SM Cinema offers an elevated movie experience with its comfortable seats, sharp pictures and resonating sound. The newest theaters make use of Opus Fixed seats manufactured by renowned brand, Ferco Seating. SM Cinema’s seats promise relaxed and extra comfortable seating while in the movies. The newest branch also also boast of Christie® laser projectors which bring out the best punch of colors and sharp images in motion pictures. And to complete the entertainment experience, SM Cinema employed the best surround sound technology to ensure resonating sound.

“Our spectator seats Opus Fixed manufactured by international brand Ferco Seating ensure that our movie patrons are seated comfortably to enjoy the movies. For the ultimate viewing experience, our cinemas make use of a Christie® laser technology that produced crystal clear pictures and pure color. And for an experience that truly excites the senses, our surround sound system give off rich sound,” Reyes said.

“We are happy to announce that our SM Cinema Olongapo Central is among the first branches to carry all these new features. We are delighted to bring global cinema standards to Olongapo,” Reyes added.

Reyes said SM Cinema is continuously redeveloping its theaters to keep up with the latest trends in the cinema industry to provide movie patrons the best cinema experience.


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